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how do you know when your friend is a true friend?

Everyone has friends but a percentage of them are true. Some are backbiters and hypocrites.Is your friend true and/or are you a true friend?

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    A true friend will always tell you the truth to benefit you, even though it might hurt your feelings.

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    Here is what makes a good friend, in my opinion:

    Someone who makes you feel like you don't have to be anything other than you. You don't have to be rich, cool, or whatever to have them like you.

    Someone who will make you laugh or make you feel good anytime of the day.

    Someone who isn't embarrassed by you, or who doesn't turn their back on you one day and talks to you the next day.

    Someone who sticks up for you, but doesn't interfere.

    Someone who trusts you. They might not pour out everything, but they trust you.

    I am a good friend, because I stick to this list. I don't judge my friends or talk about them, because I know I've got my own issues too. I think that people who are backstabbers and stuff are really jealous and miserable.

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    When you go through hard times, you see people fall away. At the same time, you have people who stick by you. The people who stick with you are your true friends.

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    When your friend is a true friend, you never question your relationship. It never gets awkward. You can fight, it can get serious, but you will always remain there for each other, especially when you're angry.

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    well, true friends you can tell everything and they can tell you everything too. you will trust that they won't tell your secrets and they will keep your promises. you can just overall get along with them anytime and never hold a grudge against them. they can be pretty much like your sibling.

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    I dont think true friend consider treat you nce and never betray you. i am a true friend of a lots.. I also cant believe why myself betray my friends.

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    guess what i have friends but no i don't have any best friends i don't belive in best freind i did at one time but my boy friend f***ed her so what ever you know if you believe in best freind then so be it but if you don't then i don't blame you if he'll come over when you down and actually listen to you then he is a good friend but if he's to busy to talk to you and gose out with you X then we'll you figer it out.

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    when something horrible happens...... the ones that are still there nomatter what are the real friends.

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    U'll only know when u will need your friend, if he/she turns your back to u, well.... u'll know he/she was not any friend.

    Source(s): my life.
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