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is there a margaritaville in cancun?

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    And as crazy as it sounds---- IT was one of the best places. Theres great music!! its like 10 bucks for all you can drink margaritas..

    We rode the bus down there and it was on our left kind of by pat obreins.

    Hope this helped!!

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    Yes there is at the Flamingo Plaza!! You can take the city bus there from your resort for a few pesos.

    Keep a couple of things in mind:

    1. If they force a Jell-O shot down your throat, don't take it because they will charge you $5 for it and there is no guarantee that they used filtered water. (This is especially important for ladies)

    2. The menu is written in Spanish, so brush up a little bit if you're gonna eat.

    3. It's very "touristy", but majorly fun!

    Source(s): July 2006 trip there.
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    I've been to Cancun and Margaritaville was one of the clubs we went to...had a great time!

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    yes it is at the Flamingo Plaza food is reasonable but drinks are crazy high. go around 9pm it is a lot of fun

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    I think that was just a song

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