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Who are the nerds that decided there is a verb form of "Google" ?

For example, "You can easily find it on the Web, just google it."

I hope someone else thinks that sounds stupid.

Boycott Google.


I do not suggest simply boycotting the usage of the verb form of "Google," but I suggest boycotting Google altogether.

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    i think google itself decide it will be a verb

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    Probably Google paid the media to use the word as a verb.

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    To each his own. There are some words I like and some words I don't but I don' t really see the sense in boycotting a word.

    Cool is used all the time and I can't see the connection with what it's meant to mean (good) but I don't want to boycott the word.

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    The English language is constantly changing. I'm told that "to Google" is in the dictionary now.

    I Cr 13;8a

    Happy New Year.

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    Somebody uses a new word and it catches up and soon it appears in the dictionaries. That's the way all languages evolve,whether we like the words or not. Happy New Year to you and yours.

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    while mostly people dont talk in right grammer they talk in more bad grammer ways like that is more better

    i would say to go back to fifth grade and learn propper english

    i would also say that the world almost revloves around google so it is basicly a verb in slang but like befor go back to fifth grade

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    Forum users got annoyed from newer users asking questions that were irrelevent to the forum. So it the answer was ethier "take it to the relevent forum" or "just f-ing google it". At least thats my theory.

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