PCO and long-term side effects from medication?


I have been dealing with PCO for a while now. I am anxious to know if any of you are having bad side effects from the metformin you are taking? I have been. My B12 absorption is low.

I am also afraid about the long-term effects it can have on my vascular system (it increases homocysteine levels which can cause fat to deposit in vessels). What more or what else can I do? For anyone out there with PCO--how long do you plan on taking all the medication (specifically metformin)..do you believe it to be a lifelong thing?

Also, has anyone with PCO been successful in weight loss? I am struggling.

Feeling so stuck--looking for answers hopefully.

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    I have been taking met for almost two years now, I also have PCOS. You can go to http://www.soulcysters.net/ and talk to other women with PCOS about their experiences. I have found it very helpful.

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    You need to research this.

    Milk Thistle is an herb that helps the liver to process Rx's and things more efficiently. It is quite commonly used in alternative medicine to prevent, decrease, or eliminate side effects.

    I don't know what PCO is, but your best bet is to research the daylights out of it, it's meds, alternative therapies.

    Many illnesses that are said to have no cure are healed with educated professionals in the field of alternative meds along with your M.D.

    I have a severe case of Fybromyalgia, supposedly incurable, but I am making the best progress with this dual approach, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    Best wishes to you for a healthier New Year.

    EDIT: Try posting your question under the alternative therapy column on Answers-there are some rockin' people with incredible knowledge and caring who will address your question :)

    Source(s): "Prescription For Nutritional Healing" book, Life Extension Foundation, Dr. Jeff Lester in Watsonville California
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