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Am I anti social or something?

I always avoid my friends that call me, I try not to hang out with people to often, i like being alone for some odd reason too. I feel like no one understands me too. I was supposed to go my best friend's New Years Party tonight but chose not to for some reason. I have a girl that's madly in love with me, I like her back, but I just choose to ignore her, I haven't hung out with her in 3 weeks.

I have alot of friends, I don't know why I always never hang out with them. It's like I never want to talk or hang out with my friends, even my best friends....

I'm shy in groups too, I'm pretty active with 3 or less people, but if it's like a group of 10 or something I just don't talk much, I turn really shy. I always feel like I'm not normal, but I see videos of myself with my friends sometimes and I seem pretty normal but shy. I feel like I'm the friend that's just 'there', I don't really feel like i'm part of my friend's groups, but in reality I am, I avoid them a lot though...


What could I do to fix this?

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    Don't worry about it.. some people just don't like crowds or being with people all the time..its not abnormal..Im like that ,always have been and married a woman that is the same..We have invitation after invitation and are not social animals we rather be by ourselves and do our own things..Its not that unusual really and actually its pretty awesome..You dont get caught up with all the bull in groups and stuff.. take care really like yourself just the way you are .really it doesn't matter and in the end you will probably be happier..

  • Your Comfortable with your own company.

    The question: Do you ever feel alone, even though your in a crowded room of friends? fills my head. The Answer is always yes.

    Maybe you feel like no one understands you because you havent found THAT one person you actually *talk* to, someone who listens and can relate to without seeming *unmanly*.

    The girl No girl likes being left hanging she needs to WAKE UP.

    There are friends: the ones you say hello to and how your doing

    Then there are best friends: who automatically know when to give you space, BUT be there when you need them.

    You seem to be pushing everyone away from you.

    No one is Normal *define* normal for me.

    I am sure everyone else in your groups feels like that as well its human nature.

    Take your time, your not anti social or something you just prefer your own company, BUT you know you have friends should you need that kind of interaction.

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    I am wondering if you are dealing with depression. I say this because you just described how I've been the last few years. I've been dealing with depression. I am not sure what triggered it. And I can't seem to get passed it. I'm on meds for it which helps to a degree. But I can't get back to where I used to be. Which is an outgoing, usually outspoken, sometimes obnoxious, fun person. I've become a loner. I feel most comfortable in my own house. I'd rather be with as few people as possible. If you think depression is the reason behind your feelings, please seek help from a physician before it rules your entire life. I am speaking from experience.

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    in some ways you are. You are depressed.. mabye you have a reason you know of or you dont but something is tprubling you and you need to be alone. Its ok to like to only hang out with small groups of people or only one person. Groups can make u nervouse or in my case make u overwhemlmed liek u need to please everyone. You need to call you friends and hang out with them or it will become worse (its almost like facing your fears). They will give up on you and you will just get worse

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    Find a really good therapist and look into this with their expert support. This is bigger than you.

    Call 1-800--a FAMILY & they should be able to help steer you to someone qualified & good in the area where you live.

    Give yourself this gift for 2007, and have a healthier, Happy New Year :)

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    you sound pretty normal, esp if you are between ages 14-20.

    Some meds might help. I know that lexapro has helped a friend greatly w/her shyness, etc.

    Get therapy, meds, take online quizess...

    Least of suicide! There are always those that care and you can get help if it gets too bad. Best wishes to you.

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    It doesn't sound like you're antisocial at all. It sounds more like you've got some form of social anxiety. Antisocial is the new term for what they call a sociopath. Maybe you should seek some counseling.

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    I think you should talk to someone.

    ask a true friend

    it may be that you're not feeling well

    depression may be the other cause

    talk to someone

    get pills

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    Hey, if you're shy, you're shy... I am too, but i have the friends that i can be myself with... I don't think there's anything wrong with that...

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    Nah.. just means you don't really like your friends

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