ford a plan?

how much of a discount does a ford dealership employe get. i think im talking about the a plan but im not sure

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    A Plan is for Ford employees & price is approx. 6-7% below invoice

    Z Plan is for a Retired Ford employee & is the same price as A plan

    D Plan is for Ford Dealer employees & is $100 above A & Z Plan price

    X Plan is for people that work for vendors to Ford & partners w/ Ford & price hovers around or just below invoice

    X Plan also is sometimes available to 'Friends & Family' of other plans.

    All those plans need a code and/or PIN & proof of eligibility.

    for more info : (secure site available to dealer employee only) orcall 1(800) 828-7746

    Source(s): in the auto business since 1983
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    It depends on the vehicle mostly, I am not sure if a dealer employee is A plan or a different discount level. If you are the employee it is easy to find out--Ask, if it is a relative, they need to find out, fill out a form. If you do your homework you can get a better deal than any plan they offer, but you have to really know your stuff!! Good luck. My advice buy used- it is a lot cheaper!!

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    The A plan has a schedule that tells the dealer what the cost of the individual vehcile is. The dealer cannot sell for higher, and you will not find a better price. You are allowed 2 A plan purchases a year.

  • Can you get the additional yearend rebates and incentives on top of A Plan?

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