Parking in Vegas?

1. I will stay in Circus Circus. What is better choice there - self parking or valet?

2. Can I park my car near strip hotels without problems? I prefer self parking usually.

3. Which hotels are the best for parking?

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    Self definetly



  • 1 decade ago

    At Circus Circus, self parking is great.

    At all the other hotels, valet is best and free.

    Self parking is crazy if you do not know where you are going.

    I think Caesars Palace has the best parking, they have 3 different lots. And it's in the middle of the strip.

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    1. There is generally plenty of parking at the Circus Circus, but it can sometimes be a zoo around the registration desk so a few bucks tip to have valet handle your car might be worth it.

    2/3. Almost all of the major strip casinos have convenient parking garages or at worst lots. And unlike Atlantic City, it is all free. The problem isn't parking as much as driving on the strip. Pick a casino within walking distance of your planned events and limit driving on the strip to a minimum (especially at night and near rush hour).

    Source(s): I'm a Las Vegas local.
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    The best option at most LV hotels is valet unless you plan on walking a decent distance most of the time. Circus Circus is definitely one of those places. All of the strip hotels offer you free parking in the ramps or valet (just don't forget to tip your driver!). The downtown hotels offer parking as well, but you will have to pay a minimal fee unless you get your ticket validated at guest services. If you're going downtown, consider parking in the Neonopolis lot. The best place for parking on the strip would have to be Wynn - you can park anywhere in the ramp and be only a short distance from the entrance. Bellagio is not bad either. Avoid parking at MGM, Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, and Luxor unless your up for an adventure! Hope this helps - HAVE FUN!!

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  • Ivan
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    1 decade ago

    1. Circus Circus has self parking and it's the best solution - plenty of parking space.

    2. Yes, but don't leave valuables in the car.

    3. Circus Circus is pretty good for parking, but it's generally no concern in Vegas at all.

  • 1 decade ago

    Valet is best at most of the casinos.

    Here, Valet is a professional business. Not some high school kid trying to have apart time gig. These guys (and gals) do this 40 hours a week and are on secruity camera the whole time.

    Pull up to the door, and you are there. No huge parking garages to mess with. Foer a couple of bucks, its worth it. and makes your date or other guests think you know how to treat a person

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    driving and parking suck on and around the Strip. Valet is best most places. Don't leave anything valuable in the car. Use " THE DEUCE" for $5 all day to move up and down the Strip as traffic can really be slow.

    Source(s): Vegas resident who uses bus down there
  • 1 decade ago

    valet is easiest if you don't need to go back and forth to car.

    valet is free. scanners make retreival faster these days.

    $3 tip would be about right though.

    there is tons of self parking at every casino.

    Hard rock is hardest spaces to find.

    most self-park have bridges to hotel, up one or two levels, good luck.

  • cc
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    1 decade ago

    I say Valet it don't cost but a tip and its way eaiser. I say do it at all hotels

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