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Is it true that people from bogota, colombia are the only spanish speaking people that don't have an accent?

I friend from mexico told me that all spanish speaking countries have some sort of particular accent but in bogota they don't, that they were to spanish like someone from oregon is to english.. I'm trying to learn spanish and after comparing a mexican with a guy from bogota I notice mexicans do speak funny. I don't know, help.

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    It's not that Bogotanos speak with no accent compared to Mexicans. Colombian dialect of Spanish is the closet to proper Spanish. Mexicans have a different dialect and accent compared to Colombians. So when you have a Mexican, an Argentine and a Colombian all there will have different accents and will sound "funny", but in reality they do have accents that can really be heard once they speak English.

    Source(s): I'm Colombian!
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    Everybody has an accent...even people from Oregon. Think how someone from Oregon sounds to someone from England (where English originated) and you'll know what I mean.

    No, it is absolutely not true that people from Bogotá don't have an accent. They have a Colombian accent, with their own set of regional slang and speech patterns.

    Since you are a second-language learner, try to emulate the accent, informal speech (slang), and regionalisms of the native speakers you will be likely to encounter and use Spanish with the most. You have to start somewhere, and you can always adapt later if you end up someplace where a different regional accent is used.

    Spanish is spoken over such a wide geographical area, and all these "varieties" have their idiosyncrasies. But overall, Spanish is Spanish...the basic stock vocabulary and grammar don't change much...but the colloquialisms and intonation patterns (accents) do, so get used to one and get it down thoroughly. Then, you'll have a basis of comparison if you have to learn another.

    Source(s): I speak Spanish.
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    I knew a guy from Colombia very well and he had a distinct accent, however pleasant and melodious it was! That's KIND of like saying that people from the British upper class have no accent! (They DO!) And people from Oregon DO have accents...just much more faint to most people, like people from upstate NY. I also happen to like the way most Mexicans speak English.

    To me, Colombians would be to Hispanic accents as New Orleans accents would be to Southern ones (more drawn-out & lilting, less twangy and softer).

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    NOT IT IS NOT TRUE THEY DO HAVE A STRONG ACCENT i now it because I life in Venezuela very close to the Colombian border, and I also know people from BOGOTA WHICH IS A BEAUTIFUL CITY

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    No, they have an accent. Do you mean to ask if their Spanish is perhaps the closest in accent to the Spanish you learn in school?

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