Air - Electronic Computer And Switching Systems Apprentice, Network, Switching And Cryptographic Systems Appre

Was thinking of going for this, I like working on computers and trouble shooting things. Looking for pointers never been in Air Force. Has anyone done this?

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    you will be trouble shooting. This is one of those jobs that are better as a civilan after your enlistment. (better pay)

    You'll learn about wiring diagrams, schamatics and the insides and outs of those things. I'm not sure how much computer work it's going to be's mostly trouble shooting from very large books. (I do a little bit of trouble shooing in my job too)

    (someone else asked this q. and this was my answer to hin)

    I was actually told about this job by me recruiter (AF). The jobs after the military can be very highly paid ones. I was just hearing some people are work talking about this too.

    Every company has these systems and they all need to be fixed from time to time. It's expensive to do because there aren't too many people with the skills.

    From what I understand, you'll learn a lot about reading and deciphering wiring diagrams and schematics.

    as far as doing a job to get skills to use when you get out (in 4-6years I'm assuming) this would be it.

    here's the actual military qual, and training packet, with some phone numbers:

    Source(s): USAF enlisted
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