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I'm not good at writing poetry but, is this a good poem?

I can't write poetry but ever since I have been faced with this situation of the guy that I like basically finding someone else I have tried to write some because it seems as if from emotion good poetry will come. Here's my poem...if you have any suggestions please don't hesistate to tell me them...please no harsh comments as I said I know I am not really a good poetry writer.

It seems as though things are coming to an end.

This was only my first time and

I don't know how I'll ever love again.

Mistakes were made along the way

And so they say you learn and grow.

Life is one big journey that we must face

without always knowing the right path to take.

Then your faced with time of which

You don't always know the right thing to do or say.

If the end is near all I can do is wish you well

and hope that you one day find your equal.

Someone who will treat you right and

never leave your side.


Sorry I didn't get the first line in there. The first line says:

It seems like we're saying goodbye.

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    What the heck!!! You made me cry in front of my girl friend.

    Now she thinks I have a feminine side! Oh well... that's ok. Look, My mom happens to be a poet, and that means I'd know if it was a good poem or not... IT WAS REALLY GOOD!!! If you dont believe me about the whole my mom's a poet thing, just look up her book, It's called, All The While.

    Source(s): My girl friend, me, and my mom
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    It was OK.But I think you should try and keep to the point . It didn't seem to come from your heart but as though you are writing for the sake of it . But for a first timer it was really really great.

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    in a scale of 10 .. i would give you 6.2 ;) its really sweet and thoughtful .. but i cant feel much .. i feel the poem was for more of a friend .

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    I like it would make good song lyrics xx

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    wow. . . i lyk it its nice but did u copy some lines because ive read some of those lines before. . .

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    good poem

  • 1 decade ago

    hey if its from your soul it is GREAT!

    don't get hung up so much on what "we" think...keep it up!

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