In your opinion what was the best all round fighter aircraft of WWII?

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    I was a Mustang fan for years until I saw the History Channel show on the F6F Hellcat vs the Mitsu A6M Zero.

    No contest.

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    Hard to say...I would say the P-51 Mustang, it was a great fighter, and fulfilled an important role with fighter escort, but I'm not sure you could say it was the absolute best all around. I might actually go with the Spitfire: fast, maneuverable.

    The Japs had some really great planes, especially the Zero. Downside: of course - little or no armor. They were not too big on protecting the pilots.

    I think my personal favorites were the P-38 Lightning (strange bird - but fast!) and the F-4U Corsair.

    Can't really pick an all around best though...each was designed for a purpose. Really, the Mustang helped save the American bomber campaign in Europe though, so that has to be a consideration.

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    The P-51 Mustang was the best American fighter plane of WWII because it dominated the skies and were easier to sneak in and out of the sky. It possessed a wing of great potential and had a great role in allowing the allies to win the war.

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    North American P-51 Mustang!!!!!

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    109f-4 under emergency power tested at 416mph (670km) @ 20k plus some scorching climb rates (DB601E clearance given in Feb '42).

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