me and this guy like eachother but i'm shy.what should i do?

he has asked me out before and he seems to like talking to me and telling me about himself.he takes care of me,buys me lunch and tells me what medicine to take when i am sick and he walks me's like i can feel that he likes me but logic is taking over and saying why would he.he's 20 years older.what do you think should i just keep pretending nothing is going on or go for him?

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    1 decade ago
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    Give it a chance. You two seems to get along.

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    Wow, 20 years age difference is big! If someone takes you to lunch, it is not necessarily a "date". The friendly advise of meds and nice gesture of walking with you is a gentleman's way of respect. Nothing you have said indicates more than friendship. Don't overthink his actions. If you feel uncomfortable about his company or kindness...don't always accept his invitation but be kind and thank him. It sounds like he likes your company. When he talks about himself maybe it is easy because it is something he knows or needs to get off his chest. Treat him like a friend...that is...if you want the friendship. Good luck!

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    the BIBLE..said "good things come to those who wait." i say to you don't want to rush into any relationship and end up getting hurt or your innocents taken away. continue being friends cause also you don't want a beautiful friendship fall apart because intimate emotions were put in it will make it weird especially if you try to be friends after a break up or something just lay low for now and play it by ear. and wait for someone your age when the time is right don't rush into anything "there is a time and place for everything ,"you dont want to go before your time.

    peace be with you

    God Bless!!

    Source(s): experienced!!!!in simular situation and had to learn hard way trust and believe me.. its not pretty the emotion was there but i end up getting hurt in the end and nowi sort of lost a good friend!!
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    sounds like he wants something, but what about you? 20 yrs. is a lot of difference in age and does make a difference. This could be a flattery to his ego and he sounds nice enough but trust me.. men aren't looking for friendship... their is probably an intimacy interest here. Find a man in you own age group.

    Source(s): personal dealings
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    I personally think that 20 yrs is too much of an age difference, but if you really like this man, keep your relationship with him, but keep in mind that men like that usually want one thing, and that's either sex, or a *******. So pleazze make the right choice.

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    Though, age does not matter the most, maturity matters. Be mature enough to anlyse him. Need not be panic to interact, but needs to be careful. Don't hurry up with the time n situation, make a gentle move. It could be a lesson in your life. All the best.

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    Looking at your Avatar, you're in your late teens - early twenties?

    That puts the guy at my age (49-50). I'd say stay away. He's not looking for a long term relationship. It sounds like he is trying to seduce you. Sorry all of you other 50's guys but I'm advising you to tell him "no thanks". Find someone closer to your own age.

    Good luck!

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    First of all why are you pretending that nothing is going on unless your unsure of your feelings with him and you dont want to hurt him or It could be cause your shy(scared). You two will work out dont worry go out with him again. ok ok

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    1 decade ago

    20 years older? Let him make the first move.

  • 1 decade ago

    Do NOT go for him. 20 years older, that's your red flag. Find someone your own age.

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