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I just got Rome Total War and i can't use manual battle?

I just got Rome Total War and there is an automatic battle and a manual battle but when i click on the manual battle the game turns off and i don't know why

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    its because your videocard is too weak just increase graphiks or go to multiplayer enter lan game and you can change how many units are in army .

    p.s. i had same problem until i changed my videocard

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    If you are entering naval battles and cannot manually fight a battle than that is normal. You cannot enter the manual mode for naval battles. If you cannot enter a manual land battle then you need to:

    1) un-install the game.

    2) Install the game again (do not do a custom installation)

    3) If this does not work call the Rome: Total War hot line.

    this happened to me as well. It took a while to re-install the game but it was well worth it.

    Good Luck! :)

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