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Does she like me?

We are coworkers. She looks at me and smiles at me at times. She teases me alot. One day she's looking at me and talking to me. And another day she's not. She's a very pretty girl. She's the nicest to me at of all the female employees there. She has a boyfriend, but sometimes he saids stupid stuff to her. One thing I know he said to her was she has a fat butt in those pants. She not even fat at all. I know they had sex before. Her friend told me and ir's true. It's not a rumor. Maybe she just wants him just for sex or she doesn't want to be alone. What I'm thinking she wants me just for sex. Maybe not. But, she looks like she wants something to do with me. Maybe friends or something. Her boyfriend and her are on and off. They break up and get back together. What do you think I really need some answers.

I can't stop thinking about her.

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    the love docter is here well have you every had sex with her yet... i sugest not to if she already has a boyfriend i think i it would be hella messed up to break them up and you say that they are off and on let them be eventually they will either break up or stay together... try and find a new girl......

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    It sounds as if this young lady really needs a strong, reliable friend. You obviously care about her. Bring her some coffee to work or a New Years card with your cell number on it. Let her know that you're there for her.

    BTW, girls that age are not into sex...but once they do it, they fall in love. She is just having a hard time breaking away from her verbally abusive boyfriend.

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    She sounds like she either likes you or likes to flirt with you. That doesn't tell you much, but honestly i'd avoid pursuing her since she's taken. Let her sort out her own life and quit speculating. It isn't doing you any good. Flirting is harmless for the most part, and maybe she doesn't even realize how she's coming across. I'm quite flirty by nature, some people are. Don't expect anything, don't ask her out unless you know she's single. Let her come to you but if she's still taken you want to stay away.

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    communication is sooo important. you need to let her know that you really like her a lot and want to know how serious she is about this other fellow. she may not know how you feel about her and who knows maybe for sometime now she has wished you would show a serious interest in her. would be a shame if you both felt the way you do about her but never told each other. you could be sharing a wonderful relationship together. good luck!

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    Don't get her on the rebound but send her flowers and candy hearts. Maybe she wants you to make the first move and ask her out.On the other hand when she gets mad at you is because she knows that you would treat her right and want you so bad but is scared to ask you and get rejected.She already feel rejected by her boyfriend and one from you would really shatter her confidence.

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    is there anyway you can find another job.

    If you get involved with her while you work there it could be a disaster.

    If you do decide to date her and it does not work out do you really want to have to see her everyday.


    you have to wait until she is over the current guy or else you will be what is known as the rebound guy.

    (used to make him jealous etc)

    this sounds like a horrible situation

    for a new girlfriend

    sorry I dont have happier advice

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    I think you're reading into her actions too much. She could like you but she could also just want to be your friend. Why not ask her? It couldn't hurt much.

    Why would she want you for sex? Are you so amazing that even though she has a boyfriend that she's supposedly using for sex she also wants to use you? I doubt it.

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    Well, go for it (ask her for a date, tell her what you think about her, etc.) if they are off, not if they are on. You shouldn't break up another relation.

    She shouldn't go with both you and him at the same time. If she would, you can't trust her in the future.

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    observe her more and try to conversate with her to see where she's at mentally regarding her boyfriend and other options as far as seeking a new male companion.

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    coworkers? i would advice you to stay away. complication at work its at best avoided. maybe she isn't flirting with you; some girls are just more cheerful than others.

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