What is a viral infection?

What is the difference between a viral infection and the flu? The doctor told me I did not have the flu that I had an infection. Head & chest congestion with deep cough, slight fever, sweating when not hot, etc.

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    The "flu" (technically, influenza) is a *particular* kind of viral infection. You can have lots of different viral inflections that aren't the flu. A cold, for example, is a type of viral infection.

    I don't know how the doctor ruled out flu -- the typical symptoms for influenza are head and chest congestion, sore throat, high fever, and significant myalgia (muscle aches). Perhaps your symptoms just weren't severe enough for him to consider it influenza.

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    The flu is a respiratory infection caused by influenza virus. Viral particles are expelled into the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It takes from one to four days to develop symptoms after exposure to the virus.

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    What do you actually expect anyone to say. Asthmatics get chesty as a result of their asthma being triggered by the viral illness, they get no more chest infections than non-asthmatics do. One could include getting chesty with colds in the description of asthma! The viral illness itself cannot be treated, and if the asthma is only triggered to the first level, cough only, rather than wheeze or breathlessness, it can't really be treated either. Either way, antibiotics will never really help asthma. Your doctor may not be unsympathetic, he is perhaps just aware that there is little that can be done.

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    The flu technically is an infection. You are infected by the flu virus. I suggest next time find a doctor who did not graduate at the bottom of his/her class.

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    Flu is a viral infection. Same thing.

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    A Virus plain and simple :-)

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    is an infecction via air

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    faa luuu

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