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in your opinion what is better a circumsized penis or not a circumsied one?

what are the benefits and non benefits,

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    In my opinion, an uncircumcised penis is usually better. I've never had any problems with mine - no smell, no smegma, no irritation/infection, etc. Generally, an uncircumcised penis is very easy to keep clean; all that needs to be done is pull back the foreskin during a shower and wash the area underneath with water and mild soap like any other part of the body. It's very easy to maintain, and the argument that a circumcised penis is easier to keep clean is a cry for laziness.

    Besides, there are lots of nerves in the foreskin that are mostly cut away during circumcision. It makes sense that more nerves = more sensation. But it's not so much that an uncircumcised penis is more sensitive as a circumcised one is less sensitive. The foreskin does make things easier, for example, one never "needs" lubrication for anything; makes less mess.

    Around 80% of the world's male population is uncircumcised, and like 95% of those men will never have any medical problems with their foreskins. Of the men that do, only a small fraction are severe enough to warrant surgical intervention (i.e. circumcision). The arguments that circumcision reduces STDs and HIV are conflicting. Some studies say yes, other say no. Regardless, safe sex and proper genital hygiene will do far more to prevent STDs and HIV than circumcision ever will. See the link for an interesting article.

    Yet there are cases where a circumcised penis is better. In cases where the foreskin opening is too small/narrow to allow it to be pulled back, and cases where the foreskin suffers recurrent and frequent irritations/infections, circumcision might be a good choice. But again, these cases are uncommon, and few cases are so severe that circumcision is a must.

    On the whole, what are real benefits to having a circumcised penis? Realistically, the rate of complication and risk from circumcision easily balances out the potential problems from staying uncircumcised (see other links). So why bother removing it if it doesn't cause any problems? Why fix something that's not broken?

  • Maple
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    Married woman here: natural is waaaaaay better! My first boyfriend was cut, and my husband isn't, so I know the difference, and natural is just incredibly better, especially once you're married and can skip the condoms. The skin slides just a little and makes the most wonderful feelings. I can tell he really enjoys it, too. As for smegma, I have never seen, felt, smelt or tasted any on my husband. It's just a non-problem if a man is even minimally clean. And I do know what it is, because I have to clean it from my own private parts.

    My cut boyfriend often could not climax with ordinary sex - he'd withdraw and finish by hand. Very unsatisfactory for both parties. My husband does not have this problem, but he says his cut friends do complain about it sometimes.

    A lot has been made of the recent studies in Africa showing that HIV/AIDS transmission is less among the cut men. But, really, it only cut the rate from appalling to terrible! Condoms work much better, and if you don't have sex with infected women, it's not a problem anyway. Other parts of the world have dramatically lower rates of HIV/AIDS than the areas studied, but the real problem is the cultural bias against condom use, not the fact that the men haven't been mutilated. The US has higher rates of circumcision AND higher rates of AIDS than Europe or other developed areas.

    Circumcision is a barbaric rite of genital mutilation. It has no place in the modern world. Fortunately most educated people in the US no longer mutilate their babies, but there are still many people who are ignorant of its disadvantages and need to be informed. In another 20 years I predict that it will be almost unknown.

  • Judi
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    I like the uncircumcised ones. Cleanliness isn't really a big husband showers daily and that's enough to keep Mr. Happy smelling fresh. He's never had any health problems with it either, no yeast infection or anything.

    I think I like it because the end of the foreskin is like having a little pair of lips to kiss there. You can slide the skin back when you play with it, or you can leave it alone...either way feels good to him. I know he's more sensitive than some guys I was with before I met him, who had been circumcised. It's not really sensitivity as in being so sensitive he has no staying power, it's more like his orgasms are more intense.

    The only problem I can see with having a foreskin is that a guy has to learn to slide it back before putting on a condom. Otherwise, even though he leaves space at the tip, when he enters his partener the skin will slide down and take the condom with it, so that there's no longer any extra to contain fluids, which can cause the condom to burst.

    I have issues with the idea of circumcision being the norm...most people don't think the foreskin serves any purpose, but it keeps the glans moist and protected. To me the equivalent for a woman would be having the labia removed...and none of us would do that, even if men were saying it would approve the appearance of the area.

  • Ralph
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    I was going to put my 2 cents into answering this question from my own personal experience as an Uncircumcized man, but to be honest, "Maple" made a very good argument about it. She is right about the sexual benefits an uncircumcized man has when it comes to sensations. The Foreskin is loaded with many nerve endings.....not much different than a woman's inner vaginal lips...or clit hood. The foreskin, for most men at least, is very flexible, soft, and very sensitive to the touch. The other advantage the foreskin has is the protection it provides to the glans (Head). Since the head is usually completely covered by the foreskin when a man is flaccid (soft), the head is protected from all the friction created in the clothes during normal walking or running for instance. Since the head is not exposed during these activities, the head remains soft shiny, very smooth, and very, very sensitive to the touch. So you see.....there are advantages to having a foreskin. As far as the hygiene issue is concerned, I think Maple gave a very accurate answer......because I myself have never had any problems with hygiene. As a matter of fact, the majority of the young women I've had intimacy with who had never been with an uncircumcized man before were more than thrilled with the outcome of our experiences. Unfortunately, too many people have been teased or made to feel inadequate because they aren't like "everyone else", and it has created a sort of insecurity about their own body and/or body parts......and they end up feeling that to be accepted by a certain part of society, they need to snip something off or add something to their bodies. It's so sad that people are so judgemental and want everyone to fit into a certain mold. Personally, I am proud to be natural......and I would not change for anyone......I like my body, and I like the person I am. foreskin has served me well!

    Then again....we all have the right to choose and to have preference. If you feel that a circumcized man is what you all means, go for it. If it doesn't make a difference to you either all means go for it too.

    Best of Luck!

    Source(s): Personal Experience.....Proudly Uncircumcized
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    Circumsized Because If Your Not U'll Have A Better Chance @ Gettin Sumthin. And It's Good Because When You Or He Have Sex It Feels Better.

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    Supposedly the uncircumsised foreskin is more sensitive during sex. But you have to wash very fequently from what I hear. Like 4-5 times a day. google shmegma, its gross. plus most men dont need any MORE sensitivity during sex.

  • Anonymous
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    Circumcision is a very beneficial procedure. Circumcised men have better hygiene, comfort, appearance of the penis to women, self-esteem and they and their female partner(s) have FAR FAR better sex. Most experienced women who have had sex with circumcised and uncircumcised men much prefer a circumcised partner and many would never go near an uncircumcised man again. All men should be circumcised

    Source(s): Personal experience as a man who chose to be circumcised as an adult - it's FAR better to be circumcised and I know!
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    circumcised penis' are easier to keep clean...

    un-c foreskin is hard to pull back sometimes and more likely to gather smegma under the skin.......

    Lots of ladies think a circumsized penis is more attractive....

  • Anonymous
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    uncircumcised.women get more pleasure from an uncircumcised man and do not have to put up with the brain damage and psychological problems of a circumcised man.

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    I like circumsision. A real pain to start with, but you get used to it.

    I Cr 13;8a

    Happy New Year.

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