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is there an easier way to sleep with a cold w/out taking medicine?

cuz im very congested this late at night and i don't want anything that will make me drowsy, i just want to sleep peacfully

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    Drink a hot cup of milk , listen to some soft music , put some cologne on ur head and place a cloth wet with warm water .

    U will feel like never before!

  • Lisa
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    4 years ago

    No medicine and no herbs, and you wish to recover from a cold. The only remaining option is time. You could try acupuncture. You could try reiki. There is always EFT, but if you are unwilling to try herbs, I cannot see why you would use these other methods. My grandmother used to give hot lemonade, but in the world of herbalism, lemons are herbs. While the scientific definition of an herb is a non-woody plant, herbalists use all plants. Chicken soup has been known to help, but the steaming vapors, along with the "herbs" might be of help too. Some teas help. Other than what I've already said, I don't know how to help.

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    hold onto a warm body

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    listen to the music

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    your sick so take a gravol/drammamine.meds work.

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