What is a good all round rifle to own? Handgun? Shotgun? Make and Model please.?

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    1 decade ago
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    Bound's hubby here:

    You asked a very good question ... it took almost two days of serious thought to come up with an answer .... and I really have five answers, which are driven by what your shooting motivation would be: Recreation, Target, Hunting, Personal Defense, and For When the SHTF!

    For Recreation - I would have no pressing needs other than to have fun! This would focus on informal target shooting and plinking.

    Rifle: Remington Nylon 66

    Handgun: Ruger Mk I or Mk II .22 Semi-Auto withe 5.5" barrel and target sights

    Shotgun: Remington Model 870 with long (28" or 30") barrel

    Target - For serious target competition.

    Rifle: Smallbore = Winchester 52D (.22LR), Centerfire = Winchester Model 70 International Army (.308 Winchester)

    Handgun: S&W Model 41 Semi Auto with 7.5" barrel

    Shotgun: Browning BT99 with 34" barrel

    Hunting: Putting food on the table.

    Rifle: Remington 700 in .30-06 with Hart Bull Barrel

    Handgun: S&W Model 57 with 6" barrel (.41 Magnum)

    Shotgun: Remington Model 870 with 30" Ventilated Rib barrel & 20" Deer barrel

    Personal Defense: When safety of home, family, and self is a priority.

    Rifle: Marlin 1894 in .44 Magnum

    Handgun: Colt M1911A1 in .45 ACP

    Shotgun: Remington Model 870 with 20" Deer barrel

    For When the SHTF!: When I must fend for myself and my family.

    Rifle: Springfield Armory M1A National Match in .308

    Handgun: Colt M1911A1 in .45 ACP

    Shotgun: Remington Model 870 with 20" Deer Barrel

    Note: All shotguns would be in 12 guage!

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Master Class competitive rifleman Expert Class competitive pistol shot Reloader of over 124,000 rounds Over 30 years of firearms and reloading experience.
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    1 decade ago

    Like any tool, the right one for the job. Not being a smarty here, but.....

    I have a .30-06 Remington for deer hunting in the less populated areas of Northern Wisconsin.

    Per law and common sense, I use a shotgun in the more heavily populated area of east central WI where I live. A Winchester 12gauge pump to be exact. My wife uses a 12ga Browning pump. During the summer, we use these same shotguns to shoot trap. (Clay pigeons for those who don't know.)

    I also have a Taurus .44mag revolver and a Bryco .380 auto.

    Since you are new to guns, let me recommend that you shop around and also take a gun safety course. You can get info at your local gun dealer. Now, to the recommendations

    A good all around rifle would be something in .243 or .30-06, maybe 7mm if you're more comfortable with mm. Savage or Remington.

    Shotgun? Remington 870. You can get one chambered for 3inch magnum shells that will fire those and the more common 2 3/4". You can get the same one at Wal-Mart that they sell anywhere else, but $20-$50 cheaper.

    Handgun? Start with a revolver. The are simpler and more reliable than an auto. Taurus has a wide selection and good quality for the price.

    Happy and safe shooting!!

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    That's a pretty broad question with alot of variables. Like who will be shooting it...what you want it for, etc. Home defense and hunting don't always mean the same weapon is ideal for both purposes. Also, if you have small-statured shooters, such as women or children (supervised, I'm assuming) they aren't going to want to tote around a 7mm Ultra Mag bolt action if they think the hear a burglar.

    For home defense, if you have a wife or whatever, I'd recommend a small gauge shotgun, something along the lines of a 16 or 20 guage. Stout enough to knock down an intruder, not likely to over-penetrate a wall, but the recoil is light enough that the shooter can do a follow-up shot quickly. The same thing can be said for a .40 cal pistol.

    For hunting, I'd go with a .243 Winchester bolt action for the same reason. Maybe a .270 Winchester. Basically, we just need more information.

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    Ruger 10/22 or a Marlin model 60 are good .22 rimfire rifles for small game and due to the cheap .22 ammo a good gun to plink with.

    Mossberg 500 12 ga pump for all aroung hunting with the right round

    Remingtion 700 bdl 30-06 a good rifle for big game

    Ruger super blackhawk or Ruger Redhawk in either 44 mag or .357 mag are good hunting hand guns.

    Ruger Mark 3 .22 pistol a nice small game gun.

    If you have a .22, a shotgun and a 30-06 you can hunt and kill almost anything on planet earth.

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    5 years ago

    Depends on how proficient you are with the weapon. A semi auto rifle has less recoil that a 12 G.A but does a lot less damage considering a .223 is a small round. .223 semi auto rifle - accuracy, capacity 12 G.A pump- damage Many shot guns are available in semi auto as well. And tactical style ones are available, they classify as assault weapons as well as tactical style pump actions I.e a pistol grip and light attachment. The tactical style one are a little more ergonomic, for home defense the shortest barrel legally available would be desired are they also provide ergonomic advantages. You're not taking deer out at 100 yards you defending your home at maybe under 20 feet. As for the .45 ACP at close range all three weapons will over penetrate( .223, .45ACP, bucks or slugs ) so the diameter of the round will determine it's "stopping power" so I'd say 12 G.A > .45>.223.

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    1 decade ago

    I would say a Marlin .30-.30 lever action, Kimber Pro Carry 1911 .45, Remington 870 Tactical Magnum......that should get you started.

    Your first gun, though, should just be a .22 rifle, like the Savage bolt-action you can get anywhere for $120. Then get a .22 pistol, such as a Browning Buckmark, and work up from there.

    Start slow, train, practice, and gradually buy more powerful guns as your skill progresses.

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    1 decade ago

    Colt 45 1911 ,Springfield M1 Garand ,Winchester model 12 or 1897

  • 1 decade ago

    .30-30 or .30-06 rifle

    Handgun any incarnation of the 1911

    shotgun Remington 870, Bennellies,

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    1 decade ago

    12g shotgun remington express...

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