should i dump him? he compared me to the goth girl in the movie "may"?

i battle with depression, but for the past 5 months have been dating this really sweet guy who i'm happy with. in the past, my depression has gotten in the way of having a good relationship, but we've had a great time together and i was proud that i have been independent and strong with him. but the other day i got really sensitive about something him and his friends talked about when i wasn't there. i wouldn't drop it, and i cried so he felt like he had to "take care" of me. (his words). he said that i remind him of the girl "may" from the goth horror movie from 2002. it makes me feel sad, because i was trying so hard to battle my depression and it's insensitive to say something like that. now i'm upset when i think about it, and we are taking a few days break. i tried to apologize, but should i dump him instead?

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    That is a pretty insensitive comment on his part. but take a step back and look at it from a different perspective. Over-sensitive people have really rough relationships because they sometimes take things out of context. Listen to your heart, if he hasn't apologized then he isn't the one for you.

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    When someone says something to you that you do not like, you should consider that most people actually do have good intentions most of the time. You should look at yourself and say "why did this person feel this way about me?" if you are not happy with other people's impression of you. That will be far mor productive than pointing your finger at them and thinking bad things about them because of what they think of you. They think about you what your actions lead them to think about you.

    If you wanna go back to being depressed, go ahead and dump this guy that you know you really do like because of the way you make him feel about you. If you don't wanna go back to being depressed and maybe improve your life, think about it in the terms I just spelled out for you and you may make some progress with your life. That is what we are here for, in case you didn't know it. That is also why we have other people to interact with. Listen and learn.

    Good luck,


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    Maybe you should realize that it's YOUR problem. He may love and care about you but how much tolerance can you expect someone to have with a problem that isn't their fault. It doesn't make him feel very good when you're upset and he can't help you that much. He's probably fed up with it and I don't blame him.

    What did he say about you to his friends that was so horrible? You're talking about him right now...

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    i think you should.

    if he knows you battle with depression, he shouldnt be saying insensitive things to you or talking about you behind your back with his friends.

    he may be nice to your face but now its like you'll never know what his like when your not around.

    also, he felt like he had to "take care" of you?

    thats like he sees you as a burden.

    but thats just one issue with you two.

    it depends how ong you've been going out.

    5 months can carry alot of issues, but also many good times.

    weigh out the good and the bad times.

    which one wins?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Get rid of this guy. He doesn't deserve you. No guy should say anything like that. There are lots of good guys out there. Just keep looking until you find the right one. Good luck...

  • 1 decade ago only i doubt i can help me goth girls are could be a good thing...i know about the depression thing! i had realy bad depression like....2 months ago...i attempted suicide. almost worked too...but thats off the subject...i think you should give him a second chance. see if things work out. if not...then...dumb em i guess...but for now give him a chance

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    He doesn't deserve you if he is talking down to you like that. Leave him, and surround yourself with people that actually make you feel good.

  • 1 decade ago

    he may not know ur battling depression

    if u dump him it will cause more depression

    and it will be ruining a relationship over nothing

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    if he truely loved you, he wouldn't have said that. talk to him first, and if things don't get better, stop seeing him. there are better guys out there for you who will care about your problems, not make fun of them.

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    I would find someone else , you don't know what else he has told his friends about you. you don't deserve that. good luck and a happy new year.

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