what is the best way to study pharmacology?

i need help. I'm a med. student and i have my final pharmacology test in 3 days and i cant even start memorizing the 200 million names of drugs! please help i am going to fail if i dont start studying now .........

the subjects are:

Antifungal drugs

Antihelmentic drugs




and many others! keep in mind that i tried to study them before but i keep on forgetting them EVERY SINGLE TIME!

PLEASE HELP............

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    1 decade ago
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    Just remember nausea is a side effect for everything! Good Luck, I hated pharm. in school.

  • 1 decade ago

    Make associations and connections between the terms to be memorised with your everyday life or with the things around you. Let's say the cure for fungi is nizoral , then make a connection that would make you remember like " fungi is "nize"; nize here represents nizoral and so forth.

    In general antibacterial drugs usually have the suffix "llin" or "ine" Some cardiac drugs have the word "cardio" in them... etc. You could also from transcriptions; like in "parasitism the drug is quantrel" , the acronym "PQ" could be formed . etc.

    The one important thing that you should remember is that never view it as difficult. Think of it as just a way for you to avoid alzheimer's disease later in old age. LOL... and think of it as fun, so you can memorize more easily. If you think you can, then YOU REALLY CAN. Good luck.

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