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Does blood type O- have a positive or negative Rh factor?

Or can you only know with a blood test?

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    If you look at your question you really answered it yourself!!

    O- has a Neg. Rh. Factor

    Just as O+ would have a Pos. Rh. Factor.

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    First of all I would like to make it clear that ;

    poster has mentioned!! Its a common Misconception.

    It has all the antigens against blood groups A,B,AB.

    Thus an O group donates to an O group only!

    __________ ________ _________ ___________ _________

    Rh is the term usedto refer to all of the antigens of the Rhesus blood group system - the five main rhesus antigens (C, c,D, E and e) as well as many other less frequent antigens. The terms Rhesus factor and Rh factor are equivalent and refer to the Rh D antigen only!

    Individuals either have, or do not have, the Rhesus factor (or Rh D antigen) on the surface of their red blood cells. This can be indicated with a plus (+) or minus (−) suffix after the ABO blood type (ie A- or O+)


    IT HAS THUS A "NEGATIVE Rh factor"

    ______ ______ __________ _______ _______ ______

    You can only know it by blood testing... no other alternative!

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    RH factor is separate from the blood type. All blood types have either a + or - Rh factor. O negative is considered the universal Donor as it can be given to anyone without having to worry about a mismatch.

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    Your ex can not be both effective and negative even through blood transfusions... He often is the basically man or woman on the planet with this blood crew lol x he has that incorrect. He might want to easily be o effective or negative. The rh ingredient is basically once you've the hint of a protein on the floor of a blood cellular, therefore you're both effective or negative at the same time as examined for this protein. As for your daughter the basically way that she will be a good is that if both one or both one among you has a type blood crew. desire this helps

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    Blood type O- stands for Genotype ''O'' and Rhesus (or Rh) ''negative''. Thus it is a negative Rh factor. Hope that answers your question.

    Source(s): Cousin is medical student.
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    The - in "O-" means negative Rh factor.

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    no, blood groups depend on a type of protein on RBCs surface

    but negative or positive Rh depend on another type of protein also on RBCs surface

    So blood type O may be negative or positive Rh

    We can know it through a specific test

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    definitely negative Rh factor.. ABO Blood type "O"

    and Rh type "-" (negative)

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    I`m o negative,so when someone tells me i`m negative i say it`s in my blood.

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