How do you get rid of that jelly fat after having a baby?

You know how some women get that jelly fat that loose skin in the stomach area after having a baby my mother has it still and shes 47 and I am pregnant with my first and am blessed with my mothers genes to grow large and have strech marks covering not only my belly but butt thighs and everywhere else, now the strech marks im not to worried about its the jelly fat that im afraid of, that i can never wear some of my clothes again, and i see some friends who got rid of theirs completly without a tummy tuck and then i see my friends who no matter what diet or exercise still have them... and i dont want to consider plastic surgery but maybe someone out there knows how to get rid of it without getting a tummy tuck

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    Hey, breastfeeding only burns 500 calories a day. I'm a nursing mom, my daughter is 8 months old, and you actually have to eat more to make extra nutrients for the baby, so basically your are only burning off what you ate extra. I have a 2 year old as well and I had that "jelly roll" even after I had her. I think that a lot of the time it makes a difference if you have a c-section or have your baby naturally....I had a c-section with both. I know that a lot of moms that have had c-sections have a hard time losing weight because of the stomach muscle area having been cut. Whats going to make the difference for you is how much weight you gain during your pregnancy. I gained 60 with my first, I worked at McDonalds and ate all the time, and lost 36 the first week and my baby was only about 8 pounds. I lost an additional 10 pounds then got pregnant again, then I only gained 20 pounds, but I didnt work at McDonalds then either. So basically it depends on what you eat during your pregnancy and how you eat and excerise after. Good luck!!! But still do breastfeed...remember breastfed is bestfed.

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    Here Are 4 Keys On How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

    1. To ensure success in your bodybuilding fitness plan and to get rid of stomach fat, make a commitment to yourself and make the effort to change your habits.

    2. Accept the fact that to achieve the perfect muscled look might take a little time. Building muscles, loosing fat, reshaping your body, and learning how you respond to diets and supplements takes time.

    3. Bodybuilding fitness and a lower ab workout means going to the gym and to have good exercise routines. This is just a couple keys on how to get rid of belly fat.

    4. Changing your diet in another key to get rid of stomach fat and keeping the fat off. To get the best results out of your bodybuilding fitness plan, you would have to eat three meals a day. Eat small but frequently.

    Secrets To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

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    Styree is right. Breast feeding will shrink your uterius and stomach very quickly. You can even feel your stomach being pulled as you are feeding. Keep lotion on your tummy all the time. This will help reduce stretch marks and help your skin keep it's elasticity so it goes down after birth.

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    DEAR I am very happy for you to on this baby brest feeding is the best way to get ride of it ok good luck one and and a bleesed new year please do not do any thing listed above breat feeding will take away a lot of it and getting up and down with a baby will too ok you will see just wait.

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    i have always had a round belly, and of course it got bigger after my daughter was born. but, with a little dieting, and a lot of running, cardio and situps, i was able to get it flat enough to feel comfortable wearing a string bikini. i do know after several babies, it gets harder. good luck! you just have to work hard if you want it! also breastfeeding did not work for me!!!! it took a lot of hard work to lose the extra fat! and i breastfed exclusively for 6 months, then stopped when she was 14 months!

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    LOTS OF CRUNCHES!!!!!!!!!!

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