lovey stuff?

i need serious help. My friend loves a guy and shes on 11.

i like that same guy.

i told her that a long time ago and i regretted it.

Now i told her i dont like him anymore just to make her feel better.

i still cant stop sharing my feelings with with him.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ok, look here, I'm eleven too, so I should know that you can't be in love. There's no way. It's not possible. Case closed.

    But you can have serious crushes. The thing is, I can relate to you! Here's the problem(s):

    Is this boy really worth your time? You don't want to end up fighting with your friend, unless she's not a true friend. Did she get mad at you when she learned you liked the same guy? If she did, she's not a true friend, because a real friend would be happy for you, knowing that you both had something in common and something to talk about.

    Now, boys are a big problem. You think you love them, and then when they don't like you back, you want to fight them and call them some names that can't be repeated on the internet. Don't go nuts over boys. It really isn't worth it. It's okay to like them, but don't get all psycho.

    Source(s): past boy drama.
  • 1 decade ago

    she is on number 11? or she's only 11?

    First, tell her you like the guy as well, and don't make it a competition. Men come and go. Friends stay forever.

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