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editing program?

what is a good photo editing prgram where i cant change the colors to make it like black and white or red or something and where i can add shapes and things

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    GIMP is a good photo editor and its free, so no harm in trying it. You can get it here .

    Good luck

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    Adobe Photoshop is the best product. If all you want to do is change colors and add shapes, try Photoshop Elements. It is made by Adobe, but is much less expensive. I have not checked lately, but I am guessing around 100 bucks.

    If you don't want to spend any money at all, go to the downloads section of PC World Magazine. Look under "Graphics & Multimedia." Then click on "Images." They have some freeware photo editing software that will do the things you mentioned in your question.

    If you find that you enjoy the photo editing and want to pursue it further, head toward the Adobe products. Photoshop is very expensive, but you can by older versions on Ebay for a good price. Even the older Photoshop's are very powerfull programs.

    Have fun!

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    Windows Paint comes free with Windows, but it has too little features. GIMP ( is a free alternative. Adobe Photoshop CS2 ( and Adobe Fireworks 8 have many features, but you gotta pay. Corel Paint Shop Pro XI ( is cheaper but less powerful than Adobe PS.

    For simple graphics, Paint and GIMP is the best choice. For more advanced editing, use Corel PSP XI and Photoshop.

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    Paintshop Pro, Microsoft Picture, or Photoshop.

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    if you have a printer, your printer probably came with a disk with a bunch of software on it. it will more than likely have a photo editing program on it. if you are looking for a higher end photo editing program, go with adobe photoshop or corel photo-paint. i think corel may have a free demo.....i THINK...

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    most people would probaly say Paintshop, but the Microsoft Picture It program works really well and is very easy to use. Good luck!

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    photo shop

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