i feel life would be so better if i was guided by god so why cant i hear his will i want 2 insure i go heaven?

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    1 decade ago
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    And people wonder what the problem is when letting people believe in heaven...............

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    Oh shut up. Nobody gets a "Get out of Hell Free" card, so don't start with that heaven business. I believe those who are forgiven for their sins go to heaven. So, repent.

    A life guided by God IS better. Tell him you want him to guide your WHOLE life- and give him direction in your life. Let him guide you through all things, not just the parts you want him to.

    Whatever you pray for, be sincere and don't just tell him what he wants to hear. He is omnipotent; he can see through the BS.

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    Many people think that if they throw off the idea of God/creator and make of themselves freedom from rules and guidelines, that this makes them liberated. What they fail to understand is, rules and guidelines are what liberate a person from sin, and what gives them a guide to live by and purpose for their life. If this were not so, every person would have the right to do as they wished, and that means to easily take the life of another, with no consequences.

    A person who was betrayed by someone would not really ahve the right to be hurt, as they would have to say "It is freedom".

    The world today says "If it feels good do it", yet the world today has never been so miserable, the suicide rate now is at an all time high, yet God and his "rules" have been ousted and replaced by "man's freedom". Man has made of Himself a godlike status, he does not need god he tells himself, yet the world is chaotic. The more god has been ousted from areas of life, the worse it has become. So the opposite is true.

    God does not control or bind people in smothering laws. THe laws He has given are logical and are given only for our own good and the good of eachother. When we break these laws in the name of doing our own will, we will find disorder, not order.

    THe world makes it very easy to do this. Liberty from God's laws, does not = happiness. It does equal wordliness and the need to rely on every aspect of this life to receive pleasure, as this world is all a person will have.

    If you seek God, you will find Him. Anybody, no matter what race or creed, believer and unbeliever alike. God is waiting for every person to come to Him and if He has to allow people to feel the uselessness and pointlessness of this world and the passing pleasures and emptiness, He will let it happen, if only to wake people up. This is why we see what we see today, if God continually intervened, we would never see the results of ignoring Him and His commandments, nor would we see the results of man's inhumanity to man.

    He awaits everybody to turn to Him and to give meaning to their lives, however wretched a life maybe. IF you end up deformed/blind or handicapped, hated by others, or an old person who has seemingly lost all, or someone that has had all things stripped away from them and now has nothing, God is there and gives hope to everybody, especially the apparent 'losers" of this world. If only we could see that the afterlife is actually what this world is all about. To walk the hard road with a God that knows what suffering is, and is there for us to lean upon.

    He has offered His words of the bible, His gift of salvation and all you have to do is accept it and confess your sins to Him and He will forgive you and renew you from the inside.

    The bible is not a joke book. I do not believe it is fiction, I have read it, I have been convinced it is not just a book of prophency or a guide, but also a history book.

    If you seek God, and seek His will, and understand what he wishes for your life (and all our lives), you will start to become more and more aware of Him within yourself. It's not an easy cake walk, but it is everything. Heaven awaits all those who strive to walk the narrow road, and have accepted God's gift of salvation.

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    First, take in knowledge by reading the bible (John 17:3) and PS - you won't be going to heaven, only 144,000 go there (Rev 14:1 / Rev 7:4) Those that do Gods will are to be on the earth (Psalms 37:29 - Rev 21:3,4)

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    1 decade ago

    God doesn't shout. If you listen to that milder voice people call intuition you will get guidance, but you must examine what your intuition tells you and test it and sit with it a while to get it. It is usually right and you are wrong. There, if you don't work at that real hard then you're stuck with the next sugestion, which is even harder. Forgive your enemies. It is a principle that if you don't love you suffer. So the point of forgiving your enemies is to be happy. (It's implied that they're your enemies because you couldn't do anything about them or they wouldn't still be a problem.) Then follow step one. See, you still can't get away from it.

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    The Right to Enter Paradise

    Death is inevitable. The thief on the cross knew when his would occur, but we can not predict our own. After his death, the crucified criminal went to live in paradise with Jesus. Some of us will also live eternally in God's presence. But others will experience everlasting torment, forever separated from Him.

    If we receive Jesus as our Savior, our penalty for sin is paid. We are adopted into God's family, and Heaven is our eternal home. If we reject Jesus, we remain alienated from the Lord and under condemnation for our sin. We are destined to experience eternal judgment. God won't accept any of man's excuses because there is no acceptable defense for unbelief. (Acts 4:12)

    Become part of God's family today. Acknowledge your sinfulness, and express your faith in these words:

    "God, I have sinned against You. (Romans 3:23) I've followed my own way and refused to give You the right to rule in my life. (Romans 3:10-12) I recognize I am separated from You and cannot rescue myself. I do believe that Jesus Christ is Your Son. I accept the truth of the Scriptures? that His death on the cross paid my sin-debt in full. (1 Corinthians 15:3-4) And I ask You to forgive me of my sins. (1 John 1:9) By faith, I receive You, Lord Jesus, as my personal Savior from this moment on."

    If you just spoke those words to God, then, like the thief on the cross, you have received salvation? a gift of God's grace. The heavenly Father welcomes every person who comes to Him through His Son, regardless of background, age, or current situation. Through Jesus, the right to enter paradise is yours!

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    If your a Christian you know Gods will and can therefore follow it. If not read the bible and you should understand. Gods will is always good, just think if Jesus was next to you in any given situation what you would do and that's probably what you should do.

    Hope that helps

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    Pray to God, and study and seek him out. Don't give up, he hears you, at least the one true God does. Read the holy bible, for ideas on what it takes to go to heaven. Even if you don't believe it, it is very relevant to what you speak of, and you can see if the bible makes sense to you or not.

    "Believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved."

    John 3:16, is another great verse. The book of Romans will help you out tremendously. Read it slowly, and take it in, each verse.

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    B asic

    I nstructions

    B efore

    L eaving

    E arth

    Couldn't resist...

    Really, just pray and ask that His Spirit guide you and reveal His will to you as you read His word.

    Happy New Year!


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    God speaks to you through every page in scripture. He is calling you to repent and ask Jesus to forgive you so that you can have eternity with God through the shed blood of Jesus.

    Many passages in the Bible point to salvation through Christ. Read the book of John, and ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you, and He will. "If you seek Him with all of your heart, you will find Him"

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    Read and study the bible. Go to church. Find a group of good church going to people to be around. You will be surprised at what good influence does to someone

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