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Can a female dog nurse another dog's puppy?

We are watching a friends dog and we just got a puppy who still wants to nurse because it is only 7weeks old. She is always trying to nurse off of the older dog, and lately the old dog is letting her. We are wondering if the older dog can produce milk, or if it is just a pacifier comfort thing.

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    Yes, Yes, and Yes.

    As long as the mother allows it the "strange" pup will be fine!


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    Dog Nursing Puppies

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    I had this happen to my dog. But the thing is that dog is not going to be staying with you. Don't let your puppy do it a lot. We got our pup at 5 weeks old. Mom wouldn't nurse anymore. My puppy won't eat. The vet told me to boil chicken and remove the skin cut it up and mix it in with plain white rice. We did that for about a week and then started mixing a little of her food in it and slowly started adding more food less chicken and rice. Good luck to you and happy new years

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    Only if she has recently had puppies and is full of milk. It's obvious when they have milk because the teats are large and engorged. You can squeeze the teat and milk will come out. If none of the above is the case then the answer is no.

    By the way, if the puppy is older then 4 weeks it doesn't need to nurse anymore. It should be weaned onto dry food. Please talk to your vet about how to wean a pup. Please make sure you are feeding this pup 3 to 4 times a day if it is already weaned. If not their blood sugar levels can drop fast and they can die.

    Good luck.

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    The older dog can produce milk whether it is has ever had puppies or not, whether it is spayed or not, and whether it is even a female or not. I owned a dog that wanted puppies SO badly that she nursed two litters of puppies from two other mothers and produced more milk than both of the other mothers and she was spayed and had never had puppies of her own.

    As far as males producing milk, even human men can produce milk. It is often called witch's milk, and while it is not all that common, it is far more common than most men would ever admit to.

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    I suppose that it could trigger the hormones in the adult dog that would start the lactating process but probably unlikely. Even if it did,the puppy would definately be weaned by the time the adult dog were to start lactating or producing milk.

    This puppy would still be trying to nurse off of it's own mother but she would be putting a stop to it esp.if the puppy is cutting teeth.

    I would venture to guess that the whole situation is truly as you stated,a pacifier comfort thing.

    There are some female dogs that are used as "wet nurses" as they are more mothering than most females and will usually accept any puppy but they must be in a state of lactation to do s and most "wet nurses" are usually kept in a state of lactation by the turn over of puppies.

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    Believe it or not if the older dog hasn't been fixed it can and will produce milk. If the pup has conituosly been suckling it will cause to older dog to produce in fact I thought my rottie was prego cuz she had bagged up and well my pug puppy was nursing on her and that is what caused it we finnally had to put them in seperate rooms at night cuz the pug wouldn't staop and well she is 9 mos and doesn't need to nurse but if the older dog is okay with it I wouldn't worry about it, it will also help in bonding as the puppy grows.

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    If your older dog is NOT currently a nursing mommy, then NO, she cannot nurse this puppy. However, if she allows the puppy to "pretend" nurse from her, that's okay--it's a comfort thing for both of them. Not to worry, the puppy will soon grow out of this.

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    The dog can produce milk if stimulated enough. I thought this question was about little pups. LOL My female that just had a litter a few days before x-mas is fostering 2 pups from another breeder that were born the same day. Not all bitches will do this. My one girl would raise anything.

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    Easily, when I was about 7, we had a female dog who had a couple of litters and then we also had this cat that had lots of litters and never wanted to take care of her little ones before she was out crusing again. So our dog took care of them for her.

    My mom has pictures of these little kittys nursing on our dog and she didn't even have milk, but she let them snuggle up to her and suckle!

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    Yes but the dog doesn't always want to nurse a baby that isn't hers so its a fifty fiffty chance.

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