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Whats so good about the Ipod??

What are the feautures that make it better than other MP3's, because I just got a Sansa MP3, and it works great. Photos, Video, Music, and Voice Recorder. This was cheaper than the Ipod Nano.

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    Any mp3 player is essentially alike in features. They all play music. iPod has no radio tuner, but can play videos. I would say the simplicity of downloading the music legally and quickly contributes to the experience. An iPod is also more established and tested, and it is simple to operate with a sleek design as well.

    An added bonus is that it comes with killer headphones that are excllent quality sound. It is simpler to find accessories for ipods than any other mp3 player.

    I love my iPod, but Im sure others love the Zune and other ones as well. After all, its made to play music and if it does that, then it serves the purpose.

    Hope this helps!

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    Usually you get more GB for less money w/ the iPod (regulars, not sure about nano/shuffle), as well as the better warrenty from Apple. I have an iPod and my sisters have offbrands, both of which had parts break off w/ in 3 months from regular usage. Plus it's easier to find accessories for the iPods, and the earbuds are the best.

  • Quality, there's a bunch of knockoff chinese MP3 players for example (Wilson S1 MP4 players for example), that are look similar, are cheaper, but fall apart ridiculously easy and are riddled with problems (i.e. my battery failed after 2 days of use, first day my flash chip corrupted itself, there are many a flash chip out there that aren't the sizes advertised, and believed by the player). iPod has the trust of the consumer, as well as a user-friendly interface that most MP3 players lack. Plus they have their own music store which ads to the appeal in convenience.

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    honestly i think that iPods just look better than most MP3's cause i have a nano and i like it a lot, but the cheaper rout would deffinitly be the MP3 player no doubt...but again i personally love my iPod

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    1. It is small and easier to carry.

    2.It can store a lot...depends on which one you have.

    3. Can store photos, songs, videos etc!!

    4. You can attatch it to the music system at home and in the car with a wire that comes seperately.

    5. It only costs 100$!!

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    Well talking about the ipod nano-

    1. It is really very small and easy to carry.

    2. It also has many different colors.

    3. It is present in 1GB, 2GB, 3GB and also 4GB

    4. It is also present in 80GB as well

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    Itz a good brand and i like branded things

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    cause it's good so stop asking questions and buy one, shiiiiiish...

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