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i see my little cousin getting suppositories enemas and rectal thermemometers being used on him a lot

doesnt it hurt?

im curious to know what it feels like having put stuff up ure butttt

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    None of those things hurt so long as lubricatoin is used My question is why are you seeing you little cousin getting suppositories and enemas etc. This should be done in privacy. Something tells me you are just looking to get a rise out of some posters or something else.

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    The real question is: Is your little cousin being sexually abused....I can understand supositories and enemas for constipation, but there is not a real need for rectal thermometers.

    You could be the only person who can save him from this treatment. Phone for help now or tell a counsellor at school.

    And to answer your other question, it can be pleasurable putting things up there...and I am sure you will try for yourself....but make sure it is not too big, or have sharp edges. Put a condom over it first and use plenty of lube.

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    1. Why are you looking?

    2. Rectal thermomiters are a thing of the past.

    3. If you really want to know just stick stuff up your butt.

    4. Always remember, "Curiosity killed the cat".

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    It doesn't hurt because it's small. If you're so curious then maybe you should try sticking your finger up there. It's different for everybody.

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  • Butt bullets are an Al Queda conspiracy. Who the heck could resist an attack with something warm and waxy melting in your ***? LOCK AND LOAD!

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    Stick something in there and find out.

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    why r u viewing your lil cousin?

    yes, can be uncomfortable....

    If ur a freak, then put stuff up ur butt and don;'t ask stupid questions.

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    it burns sometimes, but it isnt that bad

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