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If a guy that you have been seeing for a little over a week says that he just doesnt want to be in a?

relationship any longer. Why cant he just give me the reason why? He said that there was no one else, that there was nothing wrong with us dating, and was happy with us being together. Why would he just blow me off like that? Could someone be getting involved? Please help!!!

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    It sounds like things have went TOO FAST. You have scared him off. He doesn't want to hurt your feelings and he needs to take things much slower. Don't push him. Wait and see what he does. Let him chase after you. This means let him call you. If you do call him, then the next phone call should be initiated by him.

    It sounds like he still wants to see you just wants to set the pace a little slower, which is a good thing.

    Give this website a try:

    You don't want to set yourself up to be hurt. It is always better to let the man chase after is a challenge for him, which they love. You should let them know you are interested but not in a clingy way.

    Good luck

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    It sucks but sometimes it is just like that.

    Be glad that he did have the heart to tell you that it is over. There are some jerks out there who would just cheat on you and let you find on your own. Respect his wishes no matter how hard it may be...and believe me when I tell you that you probably dont want to know anyway.

    If it was something easy, he would have just told you.

    Maybe he is gay

    maybe he takes viagara

    who knows

    just dont automatically assume that it is YOU

    It could be (and probably is) some problem or issue with him

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    Seeing someone for a week does not constitute a relationship. You should let things unfold naturally and not pressure him into a relationship or you may scare him away if you haven't already done so.

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    maybe he just is not ready to be committed, it happens you know.

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