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I can not find what Trojan is. It comes up as the mh may be replaced with nj?

This is Not able to be located and Deleted so if anyone know anything about this please let me know!

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    Trojans are viruses and require special handling in order to delete them. I usually go to Trend Micro to remove them They have a free service calle Housecall. Good luck.

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    I think you don't know what Trojan Horses doing.

    Trojan Horses is a file that seemed to be an wanted file to your computer.But no body knows that there is an encrypted virus file including on the same file. Actually this why it is named as trojan horses. If you watched the movie "TROY", in there also a secret horse filled up with enemy's, enter to city of troy to do some damages. That's how the name "Trojan horse" came to it. Simply Trojan horse is a virus file that seemed to be as a good file. People can't get into your computer data through a trojan horses. But it harms to your data and slow down your computer speed.

    You can simply remove these files with any spyware scanner. But my choice is spyware doctor or AVG antispyware 7.5. You can download avg from If you don't have money spend on a registered version i'll give you the serial number of my registered version through an email. But first you have to download the trial version from the site. My email Is

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    There's a program called A-squared free that's good at getting rid of trojans. You should download it and run it -

    Here's some information I found about the trojan -

    Hope this helps

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    most virus are spread through IE. IE is not a safe browser. you should use a more secure browser to protect your PC from virus.

    i recommand you to use firefox with Google toolbar. firefox can block any any popup and disable any virus and adware, spyware on webpage, so, firefox is much safer than IE browser. as you know, most of virus spread throught internet and webpage.

    besides, firefox is much smaller than IE, so it run faster than IE.

    download firefox for free, Just have a try:

    Good Luck, Merry Xmas !!!

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