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i know 1 dimension,2 dimension and 3 dimension but what the heck is four dimension? does it even exist?

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    Its TIME!!

    Time regarded as a coordinate dimension(THE FOURTH DIMENSION) and required by relativity theory, along with three spatial dimensions, to specify completely the location of any event.

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    The concept of a fourth dimension is one that is often described in considering its physical implications; that is, it is known that there are three dimensions: length (or depth), width, and height. The fourth dimension is orthogonal to the other three spatial dimensions. The cardinal directions in the three known dimensions are called up/down (altitude), north/south (longitude), and east/west (latitude).

    In four spatial dimensions, Euclidean geometry provides for a greater variety of shapes to exist than in three dimensions. Just as three-dimensional polyhedrons are spatial enclosures made out of connected two-dimensional faces, the four-dimensional polychorons are enclosures of four-dimensional space made out of three-dimensional cells.

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    Numbers 2 and 3 don't make any sense; the theory of the inside the earth beings has been thoroughly refuted. Your number 2 is not stated correctly, as the term "dimension" was incorrectly understood by very bad sci fi writers, 50 or more years ago and that crap got into film and TV. The actual idea is other universes, not other "dimensions." There are no other universes, because the meaning of the term universe is the sum total of all existence. There are also no aliens in outer space, at least none with any kind of useful technology. The reason I know this is simple math. Technological civilizations probably don't last very long, but almost certainly not over a million years. Even lasting a million years, if the universe is 20 billion years old, the odds are 1 in 20,000 of meeting one. Even if you cut the time down by saying they last 1 billion years or that nothing came into existence in the first 15 billion years, the odds are still against you. 20 to 1 at a billion years and still 5,000 to 1 if the universe didn't have any tech the first 15 billion years. Even if you combine both and say tech lasts a billion years and nothing was technological the first 15 billion, your odds are better, but still against you, at 5 to 1. Then, of course, you have to ask if a creature with a tech that is a billion years old would want to talk to creatures like us.

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    Google the letters DMT and read about a probable 4th dimension or whatever numbered dimension.

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    The fourth dimension is "Time." Yes, it does exist, but not in a physical form that you can place in a bottle or wrap up in a box. Time may be observed in the way a flower opens and closes from day to night, the way a puppy dog grows bigger into an adult, and the way your mother and father are aging right in front of your eyes. Inside each one of us is a tiny clock of some sort that is constantly ticking away and telling our bodies to change as we grow older. (Older meaning certain amounts of time have it seconds, minutes, hours, days, or heart beats).

    We humans like to nail down certain moments in time and relate things back to those moments for reference as a way of keeping things organized in our minds. Points in time which are significant to us seem to be birthdays, aniversaries, graduations, deaths, beginnings and ends of wars, etc. All of these moments in time are marked by dates which are graduations of time. So, time is really here and happening as we speak (or type on the computer keyboard).

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  • Tim C
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    Time is the fourth dimension.

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    Geometrically speaking, the square root of negative one times the speed of light times time is the fourth dimension. For example, moving to a different inertial reference frame corresponds to a rotation in space-time about the axis perpendicular to both the time axis and relative frame velocity.

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    The universe has four measureable dimensions--length, width, height, and time.

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    the fourth dimension is time as defined by einsteins theory of relativity

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    the 4th dimension is the dimension that is distorted by mass and/or speed and this distortion creates gravity. Bigger the bend bigger the pull.

    The 4th Dimension is also called the brane.

  • Anonymous
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    we exist in a 3 dim. universe, but theories claim there is an 11 dim. super universe, that our universe is a sort of reduced derivative of this universe.

    this is all theory, untested.

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