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Too many dim-witted creatures on y! answers? I think so....?

I can't seem to go 5 minutes without finding a question from some lazy person who could probably figure it out on their own by doing a lil googling, wikiing, and morer research. Please folks, if you don't agree or just are too ignorant to consider my opinion don't answer. The lucky people who can figure this one out can just take their two points. Thanks for listening to my rant about the oversized pop. of McDonalds'-incompetent fools. I am no genius myself, but a majority of you on here lack common sense. Now I'm done. Peace, happy new year, I love you all.

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    Yes, I agree. Many questions, particularly questions concerning term papers, or homework assignments, could be answered with a little research. This is why on questions such as these I usually give minimal information and provide links to people who may not know of such information sources such as wikipedia (quickly becoming one of my favorite sites) or such.

    Also, aren't you required to purchase books with all of the information needed to complete such assignments, I know when I went to college five years ago we were.

    But then again I guess that this site is here to help inform people of things they might not know, and I always believed that the only stupid question is an unasked question so at least they are trying somehow right?

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    Hello Tx, You could be a lot nicer to the people on here. They come here for fun,and answer,or ask question. To me you have slaped everyone in the face. So, you aren't as smart as you think you are. Happy New Year To you Too.


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    Good observation but rather than being dim-witted most of them are probably just pretty young and like to the magic of seeing their misspelled words up in front of the world.

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    It is because most of the dim witted creatures are part of the borg collective and you've probably just pissed off a whole bunch of them and they will probably have you deleted for it.

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    There are many dim-witted people on Yahoo..but heck, that's basically what this site is for...I mean I ask some pretty ridiculous and easy questions, but it's up to you to answer it. I think there are more dumb answers on Y!Answers than questions.

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    Well, so sorry, you are having such a bad day! Don t take it out on everyone else by insulting them. Even those lacking common sense deserve respect. I hope it gets better for you. Happy new year, God bless****

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    Yea, people should do "morer" research. I guess that's more than more.

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    you would have heard of "so-and-so loves to listen to his/her own voice " well on yahoo answers there are many "who love to read their own questions". Content is immaterial !!.

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    you love us all but you hate us?

    and why slam mcdonald's?

    i think you might need a double cheeseburger.

    have a nice day.

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