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pomeranian breeders?

i want to get a pomeranian and i was just wondering if anyone knew of any good breeders..idk if im suppose to be asking these kind of questions..well thanks:)

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    I know one in Mississippi and her dog is expecting! Email me if you want more information!

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    go to is a site for rescue groups.....just enter your Zip code, and enter breed wanted, and be AMAZED at how many great choices you have !!.....i recently adopted a Great Pyrenees mix from them, and my dog Sylvester is awesome !!.....check it out.....try a good deed.....adopt a Pomeranian today !!!.....good luck to you, in your search for a Pomeranian as a new pet !!!!.....most adoptions run between $ 50 to $ 200 maximum, for a wonderfull dog, who will be very happy to be your new pet !!!

    Source(s): I have adopted and rescued three dogs, and all three of my dogs have been GREAT !!!
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    You can ask a breed expert on this portal

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