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how come when we pull out a nose hair from our nose we get tears?

i dont know i scratching my nose and i pulled a noise hair and i had tears why does that happen

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    i have no idea.

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    i think its either because your nose is close to the eyes and the eye duct so when you pull a hair without realizing it you don't immediately feel the pail, but the nerves know your in pain and sends a signal to the brain that makes you cry. or maybe its got nothing to do with the pulling of the hair you might just have eye problems with your eyes because my eyes just get watery sometime for no reason.

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    Your nasal canal is connected to your lacrimal gland through the maxillary branch of trigeminal nerve (V2). When you pull out a nose hair, sensory information travels through the communicating branch of the zygomatic nerve to the lacrimal gland, stimulating tear secretion.

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    Do not pull out nose hairs; its dangerous. You can get an infection in your nose, and it can go to your brain and kill you. Just trim them CAREFULLY. Never pull them out.

    Source(s): A doctor told me that a patient of his had to have BRAIN SURGERY and gets SEIZURES because of an infection in his nose.
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    cause your tear ducts connect to your sinuses and your nose hairs lead up toward the meeting point. the pulled hair is close to the nerves that are close to the tear ducts, there by causing your tear ducts to release liquid.


  • Anonymous
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    Pain and because you are so near the tear ducts. They are sensitive.

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    It would be better if you didn't have all those grammar problems. I couldn't stand reading all of it. Seeing whispred and wouldv'e over and over again, when it is supposed to be whispered and would've, just hurt my eyes and my poor brain.

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    It is because it feels sooo good that is makes you cry.

  • Anonymous
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    nerve sensitivity?

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    Because it hurts ?

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    Cause it hurts.

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