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What is the name of the Cruise port or terminal in Tampa Fl. for Carnival cruises?

Is it bigger than the one in Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale FL.?

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    The cruise terminal in Tampa is simply known as the cruise ship terminal.

    I think perhaps you're asking about the entire area in which the cruise terminal is located - that's called "Channelside". Its a hustling and bustling shopping and dining area.

    It is no where near the size of Port Everglades, it's much smaller - I think that three ships is maximum.

    I have pasted info about Tampa's port and cruise ship terminal below:

    Hope this info helps.

    Source(s): http://www.tampaport.com/subpage.asp?navid=0&id=3 I am a Certified Cruise Consultant Specialist
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    Tampa is just called the PORT OF TAMPA, and the maximum amount of ships it can has is like 3 and the service is no where near that of Port Everglades as I have heard people say their were no people to take their luggage extra and is no where close to the size along with that, Miami and Port Everglades can have like 5 to 7 ships I think at one time thats why it is so busy but Tampa is kind of a ghost town.

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    I cruised from on the Inspiration from Tampa in September. When we landed at the airport we just got into a cab (about $15.00 if I remember) and told the driver to take us to the cruise ship terminal - just like the first guy said! We didn't know any special name for the place. When we got closer he asked us which ship we were on and dropped us off right at the door.

    The porter came right up to our cab to take our luggage - no problems or waiting at all.

    Checking in and getting on the ship was a breeze! Tampa's a great place to depart from!

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    Its just called the Tampa Port. It is not as big as the Port Everglades / Canaveral one.

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    i don't really know but you can look on carnival's web site and find the ship and it will tell what port so you can look that up if no ship just look for all ports that carnival sail out of in Florida you will find your port. good luck.

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