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num lock button?

where is the num lock button on a toshiba keyboard? what exactly does it look like? there is nothing that says "num lock", but somehow my cat turned it on by walking across my keyboard.

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    There is no num lock key. I have a Toshiba laptop myself. . Here's what ya do if you don't wanna use the numbers at the top. . . . hold down CTRL & Shift, and press:








    and then 7-9 are on the 7-9 keys above.

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    Num lock might desire to be there on your keyboard could be your not in a position to come to a decision. attempt this commerce purely click on start up then run type o.ok.and hit enter OR start up>courses>upload-ons>on show screen keyboard. this might open up an on show screen keyboard. Then click on nlk and which will enable num lock and then close it.

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    ask your cat ^_^

    joking.I guess you are using a laptop.

    Then the Num Lock should be a combo key.Should be Fn + something.

    Alternatively,try to open a on-screen-keyboard

    Start>Profram files>accessories>accessibility>On screen keyboard

    Then just click on the nlk button

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    dont know on your particular keyboard, but if there is a 'function' key or a 'FN' key, your probably have to hold that and press something else. sorry i cant be of more assistance.

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    i hate those buttons the company always hides them...their so f*cking hard to find !

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