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who will wholesale to me, I have a tax id?

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    First off, I would avoid World Wide Brands like the plague for (at least) two reasons. First, I consider their advertising to be, at best, deceptive. Their material boasts "over 4,000 brand names." This is meaningless, as most general wholesalers carry a wide variety of "brand names." Remember, you aren't looking for "brand names," you're looking for "sources." Secondly, their 'membership' and recurring fees are wildly out of line for what they provide.

    As for "wholesale lists," most are simply junk. They are usually lists of "snail mail" addresses and (ususally disconnected) phone numbers that have been floating around the Internet for years and are completely out of date. In the wholesale field, companies are always opening, closing and merging. So, if you're contemplating a list, make sure it's as current as possible, like the ALL-BIZ WHOLESALE SOURCE DIRECTORY. It has over 800 direct links to wholesale sources. They also have a directory with over 100 Drop Ship Sources. Both directories are updated twice a year. ALL-BIZ has recently been acquired by Deals On Demand. You can get information about them at:

    Another great source is (believe it or not) the AOL Yellow Pages at: Type in "wholesale" and your zip code or the zip code of a major city near you. As an example, I did a search for Grand Rapids, Michigan. The search returned 271 local sources in 36 categories.

    You can also try the Thomas Register at: It is the most complete listing of manufacturers in the U.S.. You can search thousands of manufacturers and send them emails through the site.

    If you have any specific questions about wholesale or drop shipping, feel free to emal me and I'll help however I can.

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    what kind of products are you looking for? are you looking to house the product yourself or do you want it dropshipped? go to they are a legitimate wholesale resource, and they do charge a fee to join but they have about a thousand or more wholesale and dropship companies... they give you complete info on each company including a contact person, address, phone # and terms... they are well worth the money... which isnt alot either, by the way... i like that they only give you real companies, not folks that just want to take your money, the info they provide is pretty thorough on each company... you can search by product, or by company and can apply with each company right through the worldwide brands website...

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