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How come I can't put songs onto my iPod Nano? HELP?

How come I can't put songs onto my iPod Nano? HELP?

I've plugged my Nano into the iTunes and it has recognized it. But I can't drag and drop this new song I just downloaded into it. What do I do?

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    I apologize if I am going over stuff that you have tried but ...

    1. (if you have acquired the file outside of iTunes) Check that the file has been imported into iTunes. Look at the song and see what playlists it is in (right click and look show in playlist)

    2. Check how your iPod is having its files updated. le my ipod only gets songs from selected playlists. Therefore if the song is not in one of the selected playlists then it won't update. If your ipod also only updates songs from selected playlists this should help.

    If this is not the case, can you tell me how your ipod is selected to update in itunes and what playlists the song is related to?


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