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how to remove cranberry juice stain from white T-shirt?

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    Soak it over night in a solution of oxyclean and cold water. If the stain doesn't come completely out use a bleach pen before you wash it. Don't use hot water and don't put it in the dryer until the stain is completely out or you will set the stain and it wil never come out.

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    Does Cranberry Juice Stain

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    how to remove cranberry juice stain from white T-shirt?

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    This works for all types of juice stains.... pour boiling water through the stain, should rinse it out. Of course, if the stain has set in for a long time or is really big then it may not ever come out totally. You have to catch it pretty quickly!

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    My son got cranberry all over a t-shirt that was mostly white with blue sleeves and a logo print. Stain was set (sat overnight) and I just put in the laundry sink with cold water and borax in the morning. By the evening stain was gone and all the colors still bright. Try borax and cold water- it works and is easy!

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    Warm soapy water and a good soak turn the "T" shirt inside out and scrub for all your worth from the inside, forceing the stain out so to speak. If this does not work dye the offending artical purple and present it to the person who spilt the cranberry juice, next Christmas.

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    try soaking it in vinegar.or sray a small amount of oven cleaner on it.i've done the latter w/my kids baby bibs&it works.or spray some aerosol hairspray on it&let it soak for a few minutes.hopefully,you haven't dried the shirt yet.if you have the stain has already set&you may need to buy another shirt.

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    Buy a new one. It will cost less than the cleaning solution.

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