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Anonymous asked in Environment · 1 decade ago

Is there a charity where I can give money to stop global warming?

I really want us to unite together as human beings to make this issue be known and stop it. so i was wondering is there a charity for global warming and if not how do you make one?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    yes, you can donate to several different places, email me and i can give you info if you are serious

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, in your own house. Buy more efficient appliances, lightbulbs, heating/cooling systems etc..

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  • 1 decade ago

    Climate change and energy saving are different issues. Climate change (greenhouse effect) is because GHG don t allow energy to be released to outer space, that energy remains into the atmosphere. We could use same amount of energy and not increase GHG levels. But, of course, we should fight against both issues.

    What we do at home is usefull for energy saving, and thus for electricity saving. Measured in terms of amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) it is something, but meaningless in terms of the size of the problem. Even if all citizens in the world do that the problem will not change. just a bit. But psycologically it would have an important impact over politicians.

    The three major contributors agents for climate change or global warming are transportation, factories and electricity power plants.

    For transportation issues, you can invest on electricity cars, hybrid cars, quality and price are similar to traditional cars. Of course, even better if you can walk or use bike.

    Unless you own a factory, you cann t do anything about that field except asking for better laws that reduce emissions of GHG if you don t have such laws where you live.

    For electricity, you can invest on energy savings. But the real solution is changing eletricity power plants to tecnologies that don t produce GHG. Solar and wind are efficiently proved and millions of houses use those energies worlwide. You can ask for those plants where you live, or ask for laws that make them mandatory where you live.

    Unfortunately climate change solution is not in our hands, regular citizens. Only politicians can change it. Probably that is because the problem is so big now.

    We are already united and working together on this problem. If don t live in USA, your country probably is working on Kyoto protocol. It is not enough, but it is a big step. You also can ask your government to reduce emissions and generate green surface over the quota that Kyoto protocol has assigned to your country.

    If you live in USA maybe you could ask your government to fulfill its quota, even if they don t want to join that protocol for any other reason. It is less demanding than european quota and USA is the bigger polluter, so don t allow them saying that it is not a fair quota for USA.

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