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Sports Nutrition/Nutritional Anthropology?

Please, only the serious/professional need respond, thanks!

Looking for a career change and have definitely decided in nutrition. Beliefs: holistic/natural approach, weight-training and cardio to maintain a disease free lifestyle; Experiences: come from a family of anthropologists, but they've recently passed on (I need to look elsewhere for advice).

Best route: to major in sports nutrition and minor in nutritional anthropology/anthropology, or major in nutritional anthropology and minor in sports nutrition?

Again, serious-minded need respond...all others can hit the ENTER key and move on, thanks.



Additional suggestions/guidance apart from what major/minor route to take would be most appreciated.

Again, only the serious-minded,thanks!

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    Do a major in nutrition an then branch out to the anthropology aspects or the sports nutrition. It takes a study of biology and chemistry and biochem and physiology. This relates to the sports angle. Studying the diet of cultures and there effects would reach into the anthrpology. Both would be needed to practice in a particular area,

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