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OK tna vs wwe people say that tna is better than wwe is this true? plz let me know?

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    TNA is much better than WWE. They have much better wrestlers. They show wonderful matches. The fans are smart, they appreciate good wrestling, and do not care that much for the look of the wrestler.If he can wrestle and has charisma,he will be liked. Many people will tell you TNA has WWE rejects, because many former WWE wrestlers have come to TNA. The truth is that many of these wrestlers decided to come to TNA, though WWE offered them to stay. TNA treats the wrestlers much better. TNA has not a paining schedule (WWE wrestlers spend more than 300 days a year on the road, so they do not have much time for their families) and their wrestlers have health insurance (WWE wrestlers don't, though WWE is a much bigger company). Many WWE wrestlers have to take painkillers to bear the paining schedule, and they have to wrestle even if they are injured. Another reason is that Vince McMahon, the boss of WWE, has no respect for wrestlers (read interviews with Kurt Angle!). Jeff Jarrett, a share holder of TNA, is a wrestler himself, and he knows how hard it is to be a wrestler, so he respects his wrestlers and treats him much better.

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    WWE has better storylines and more typical heavy weight wrestlers although wwe is on more and for longer Tna as more pure talent even though they hae wwe rejects like kip and dip james, dudleys ect they make up for it with guys like SAMOA JOE Kurt Angle Christipher Daniels well you get the point Tna has some really bad wrestlers but they also have some of the best wrestlers in the world.

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    I like wwe a lot better, but TNA is full of old wwe superstars, like i saw the Dudley Boyz on there the other month.

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    sure it truly is real, because you already know why because TNA has a number of the most gifted human beings in wrestling you all call them WWE rejects i do not understand why. Fan base sensible this is WWE, expertise sensible this is TNA.

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    TNA is better because they have better talent(and they know how to use their talent unlike WWE)and they have better storylines.TNA focus on wrestling unlike WWE where it's become a soap opera and the WWE wrestlers are leaving to come to TNA.

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    I have seen this to and came up with the best anwser ever.

    TNA fans will say anything to protect TNA.

    WWE fans will say anything to protect WWE.

    But if you look at it really if anyone was a real wrestling fan they would all wrestling and stop crying about which is better.Bcuz noone wants to see alot of dudes just fighting all the time.ANd noone wants a drama stroy that lasts for 5 months or more.

    ANd yes im a WWe fan but i think TNA is good but isnt at the level as the WWE is at.

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    nah wwe are better they are way bigger than tna they get bigger ratings people carnt say they have crap wrsetling i have seen top match's oh yeah wwe is a multi company media films music and the money they make from that (alot of money ) tna carnt compare tna does have some good stars so has wwe if tna does go head against wwe they be dead quicker than wcw mainly becuase of the money so tna should just stay outta there way

  • i don't watch tna and wwe is starting to sink down so how can i answer ur question?

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    No wwe better than tna

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    Do u think in wwe coz the feuds are no longer for the gold (world championship or IC or US or Cruiser Weight)?

    it makes it boring. rember how stonecold used to fite for the gold, and wen he used to carry it u cud c d importance of it. the importance of the intercontinerntal championship bw rock and triple h. they arent ny more fights for the gold anymore. no division or particular ppl fighting for the same thing. every1 is fiting every1. wwe is just trying all the experiments and will just go ahead with whichever the fans will cheer more(which are most of d old feuds, which were for gold itself). dass wats diff in tna, at the end of it ur seeing angle and joe going for the gold, that makes it more worth watching

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