what does "gotta" means?

gonna and wanna means going to, and want to...and used itn present tense..but gotta? when and how is it used? is it in past tense? and what does "betcha by golly wow" of prince mean???

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    1 decade ago
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    It means "got to". "Got to" itself is a replacement for "have to". The usage of the word "got" used to be unacceptable, but not anymore. This degradation of our societies language is just one more example of how much our nation is crumbling.

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    1 decade ago

    "gotta"--have to/need to. You gotta get to work if you want to get a paycheck.

    "betcha by golly wow"--This was a refrain in a Motown song originally sung by The Stylistics, a very good song. It was very popular and was a big, big hit for them. Prince apparently has sung it also, as have other artists.

    The phrase itself is just a "nonsense", made up tag or hook to make the song distinctive and memorable--it really worked in people's hearts and imaginations and it's been used ever since (sometimes) to describe other exciting, blissful experiences in their lives.

    Check out the 1st link below. It has the printed lyrics and will play the melody for you. Put it in your web "address" bar, NOT into Google.

    The second link is in Wikipedia and gives a detailed history of the song and its various singers. You can get there through either Google or your browser.

    Listening to the song play just now brought back warm memories of when the Stylistics did it.


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    1 decade ago

    "gotta" is in the future tense. It means "Have to" or "Need to" (hafta & needta ;))

    And "betcha by golly wow" is just a goofy way of showing excitement or strong agreement.


    "I betcha by golly, wow! That party's goNNa be the BOMB!!!!We gOttA be there!!!"

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    1 decade ago

    Isn't "betcha by golly, wow" in a Smokey Robinson & the Miracles song?

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    Gotta means that it is a "must". Imperative.

    It is usually indicative of the present or future.

    Betcha by golly wow, is the title of a very nice song.

    I Cr 13;8a

    Happy New Year 2007


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    1 decade ago

    got to, need to, have to.. i gotta go, bye ;) betcha by golly wow means yes in a very silly YES kind of way

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    "Gotta" means "got to." I don't know what "betcha by golly wow" means, tho.

    Hope this helped.

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    1 decade ago

    got to....slang for have to...i have to go to the store. i gotta go to the store.

    i haven't ever used "betcha by golly wow" but i am sure someone has and i betcha they answer ya soon!

    happy new years. :) SD

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    gotta means Got To.

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