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I'm 17years old and i wanna visit a psychiatrist, but do i need a grown up i have insurance...?

i dont want my mom to come wit me until i kno what i have. i juss wanna go for a check up i have serious depression problems.

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    two words...


    ...and that is my professional advice.

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    I believe that you can visit a doctor of any type with out an adults permission. That said, I think that it would be a good idea to let your Mom know that you think that you need some help. She does NOT have to come into the Doctor's office with you. In fact, your initial visit should be alone. However, the Doctor will probably want to talk to your Mom to get the full picture of what is going on in your life. Depression is a SERIOUS life issue and you are VERY wise to seek help!! This is something that CAN BE helped!! Don't wait! If the Doctor thinks that you should be on some medication, it might take several weeks to see a big difference (mainly because you start with small doses and work up to regular doses).

    Good Luck to you and I hope that you are on your way to a Happy New Year!

    Source(s): I have two 17 yo daughters with depression and anxiety. Both are on medication and see a Psychiatrist and a therapist.
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    I have several places you can contact but the best one is for you to call or go into your nearest MHMR Facility and let them know how old you are and ask questions to see if you may need an adult or not. And if you do they will give you all the nessasry paper work to fill out ok. You can also look inside your local phone book for the mhmr telephone number so far as I know they may have some free counselors for you to see and they will schedule you a free person to talk to you about what your experienceing. I hope this helps

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  • You can get into a psychiatrist at any age because my sister had to start going at the age of 9. Just call them or get a ride there by someone who wont tell and tell them that you dont want your parents knowing and they cant tell them anything unless you treatin to kill yourself or someone else. You might have to have insurance but im not completly sure. Good luck.

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    I would call the pyschiatrist office that you are planning to visit. All doctor offices are different when it comes to how they handle minors in their offices. Some places allow them to come in without an adult and some require an adult present. You can also talk to your family physician who can recommend someone that you can talk to as well. Anything that is stated between you and your doctor is between the two of you, unless the doctor is worried about the safety of yourself and others( I believe).

    Hope that helps alittle.

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    Well one of my friends goes to therapy, she was only 14, I don't know if your parents can come in or not. I think if you say you don't want them to come, the psychiatrist has to agree because she or he is there for you to talk comfortably. So yes, parents don't have to come unless you say so.

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    probably no. had friend (he be 15 at time) who was depressed after father died, so another friend called authority to have him put in mental ward so he not kill himself. after several weeks in mental ward, he free to go, but he must see psychiatrist twice a month or he be put back in mental ward. maybe you ask psychiatrist to see if parent must be there.

    had another friend who get depression every fall, so she go see psychiatrist to treat depression, but she be about 19 at time.

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    You are entitled to have an appointment with a therapist by yourself. Good luck!

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    you could probably schedule your own appointment, and see the doc without anyone knowing, but if you told the doc something that was threatening to you or someone around you, they would have no choice but to tell your parents

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    Go....You should have no trouble if you are insured ..but if you are covered by your parents insurance they will ask questions.....

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