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tears on new years?

ok tears for me, hurt ...basically. im 2nd guessing myself and my parents got in a fight to the point were my dad moved out. this guy i really like is online but idk wht to say. i asked him to the movies and all he said was umm but now he really cares about me becaz he told me a couple hours ago. new years ev isnt so great and this is not how i wanted to spend the last day of a cry for help (again) any advice u hav please give.

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    Don't be sad, hon. There are people much worse off than you are. Sorry about your parents' situation, but it'll be ok no matter what happens. The guy you like said he likes you. That's good news, right? Maybe get a good night's sleep, things will seem much better in the morning =)

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    Trust me when I say, I have had a hard life as many have but something I have learned is no matter the problem it seems to work out ok at some point. Some point may be awhile. Be carefull with who you meet on here never meet alone always in public and remember guys will say anything to get what they want and it may not be your heart. Parents get into fights sometimes and many times they work it out but if they dont it really has nothing to do with you as Im sure they both love you. Hang in there and maybe your new year will get better.

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    Hi Tears. Try to accept what is happening with your mom and dad as their problem. I know you don't want to see them broke-up but you cannot do any good by getting involved.

    As for the guy you are chasing him, which is not a good idea. When a guy is "into" you, he will ask you out. Don't waste any more of your time on this deserve better!

    New Year's is a new beginning. Start the year with a positive attitude. Make a journal of what you are looking for in a guy. List the positive things.

    Take a look at this article...hopefully it will help you.

    Good luck!

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    heyy.. i'd say, look on the bright side! although your 2006 is ending on a not-so-nice tone, at least it's ending, ya? 2007 would be better, and things are surely gotta change for the better! don't worry about the guy, guys are usually not so sensitive to issues of emotions.. okie? dry up your tears and smile! it'll be sunshine after the rain.. :)

    and since its new year, i wish you happy new year, and may all your wishes come true.

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    Don't cry; smile! There's a whole new year ahead, as cliche as that does sound. I hope everything resolves itself between your parents and I hope that you can keep an optimistic attitude because even the greatest hurt, with time, will pass.

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    just because you dad moved out does not mean that he don't love you. and this guy you like said he like you. thats the best part. don't give up on your parents have faith. that they will work things out and get back together. If they don't, just remember they love you very much. and be there for both of them. happy new year .

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    your parents problem got nothing to do with that online guys... These consider are two different problem...

    Your parents matter, you cant do anything let the adult settle..

    That guys, is small matter.. Remember still a lot guys out there to care you.

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    the problems between your parents are not your fault, if they cant resolve things by talking rationally like adults that has nothing to do with you. i'm sure they still love you. things will get better, keep believing in that and it'll come true sooner or later.

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    Remove yourself emotionally from dramas and start planning your future. Think about a career and plan for college....plan your life!!


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    i'm sad too im spendin this next half hour alone

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