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How much would live-in care cost for a elderly woman with dementia?

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    Look in the phone book under county government. It should have a listing for home health care services. Or a senior center could give you information for your local area.

    Home health care is available for very low fee's if you use the county/state office in your local area.

    I'm paying for a private care facility right now for my mother in law at the rate of $3.000 per month. When she was home I paid the county home health service about $90 per month.

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    Depends where you live. Probably pay an hourly rate. $25aus is a modest estimate, so.....24/7/365 will be a hefty sum. Even 9/5/300 is a lot.

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    depends on the caregiver....get references and credentials..there's lots of people who mistreat , steal, and scam the elderly !

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