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Are you drunk or slightly intoxicated right now?

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    Nope. Straight-edger. Drinking and drugs dull you to the point where you lose your fight, and fight is all you got.

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    Happy New year! No I'm not niether drunk or intoxicated. I wish I was. Now I didnt go anywhere for the New year but I did for christmas. I drank eggnog with a touch of e&J and boy I was messed up at first but I was fine later and it took me 1 hour later to drink another cup. I also had to drink a pepsi soda and I ate like 8 olives to keep from getting drunk. I also ate first before I drank Like that really helped my crazy tail. I was still a little tippsy after I ate that sandwhich and the cheese with the ground meat in it. Boy it sure did feel good to get out and enjoy myself. I hope that you all have a wonderful New year as well. Thanks for letting me express myself that felt splindid to get that off my chest. You have a wonderful day ok. Oh yeah people If we do drink let's drink resposibly and be very careful this year let someone that isnt intoxicated drive you home or at least stay where you are until your sober enough to drive home safely.

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    I have had 18 cans of beere. I am SO FULL! I cannot get a buzz. I keep singing songs and I asked myself to leave the room because I sing terribly. I got into an small argument with myself earlier tonight, so I'm not talking to myself anymore. Perhaps in the morning I will forgive myself. But, slightly intoxicated? No, I have had too many beeres to try and get intoxicated.

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    Am I drunk? Not so much...Only had 4 beers before the "NEW YEAR," but now I am going to start downing some whiskey. The party I was invited to was lame. I left right after midnight Started downing whiskey when I got home. Slightly buzzed. Next step, seeing double. Too bad I am all alone :( and drinking alone too :(

    Oh well, not a great way to start out the new year. Hopefully it only gets better. Take care all. Happy New Year! One good thing I guess is no DUI...YEAH!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would have to say that I am only slightly buzzed right now. My plan was to be falling over, stupid drunk by now, but my friend got sick, so I got a late start...

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    Define either one. I say I'm mostly intoxicated, but not blabbering drunk.

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    Absolutely because I drank Absolute!

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    Nope. Stone cold sober.

    Happy & healthy New Year!

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    No, I'm doing my drinking later on in the day.

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    ooooooooooooh yeah! man i've hit big time with the ladies after a "few" beers and some nice coke. I think I've slept with about 20 ladies so far, all nice and strong. A few got back in line.....

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