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What would help a sick person sleep longer soundly?

I currently have strep throat but no anti-botics. I'm taking some Alkzelzers along with throat spray to numb the pain. But I really just wanna go to sleep and soundly sleep. Will these tylenole PM's do the trick or what home remedys do you suggest?

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    If you have strep you need to see a doctor. Self medicating will NOT work & can make things worse. You need to see a doctor. They will prescribe the meds you need to get rid of the strep & help you sleep.

    You should never try self medicating with something such as this....

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    What i usually do is gargle alcohol, not rubbing alcohol. Something strong like whiskey,rum. It's a primative form of antibacterial. Worked for me and is cheaper than going to the doctor.

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    ny-quil or benadryl is the best

  • 1 decade ago

    benedryl (or benedril) dont know how to spell it

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