There is problem with system, may be u ppl can help?

HI , I want to know why my System is getting stuck/hand/stop as I insert any CD in theCombo drive. Through OS (XP-SP2) is working properly withought giving any error. I have also changed my ID Cable my power cable and also formatted the system in order to rectify the problem. Dont give any link or so i have tried asking sony and AMD on line but there wasnt any good responce from them(OS=XP2,AMD3000+,512MB RAM)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    my broken english comprehension skills aren't the best, but i've narrowed it down to two possible questions:

    1: my computer freezes when i insert a disk in my optical drive.

    2: the optical drive locks up after i insert a disk.

    answer to question 1: if you have changed the cables and reformatted the system, then the device driver is bad or the drive is bad.

    answer to question 2: the drive is probably bad.

    summary: search for an updated driver on the manufacturers website, disassemble the drive and clean it, buy a new drive.

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