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What's the difference bewteen a normal jew and a secular jew?

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    By "normal" I'm assuming you mean a Jew who practices the rites of his religion. A practicing Jew follows the dogma and precepts of his chosen branch of Judaism (like Christians they have many divisions).

    A secular Jew is one who lives the culture of Judaism and generally celebrates the High Holidays. But they do not keep Kosher in their homes nor attend temple regularly.

    FYI - Judaism is a religion AND a culture whereas Christianity is defined by one measure only: Do you go to church?

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    Secular just means not religious, so I guess a secular Jew is jewish by descent, but does not practice the religion.

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    One type is a normal jew, the other is a secular jew.

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    the normal ones don't wear strange hats, grow long beards and kill the waling wall.

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